Blue Shell

Mario Kart 8 Blue Shell bundle available exclusively at Nintendo World Store

Mario Kart fans who live near the Nintendo World Store in New York City will have a special offer for the upcoming eighth iteration of the popular kart-racing series. Starting today, you can pre-order a limited edition Mario Kart 8 bundle that will include a limited edition blue shell statue. The bundle is only available to the Nintendo World Store exclusively. Will any of you make the trek to NYC...

Nintendo of Europe announces Mario Kart 8 bundle

  Nintendo of Europe announced a limited edition Mario Kart 8 software bundle for release this spring. The bundle includes a spiky blue shell collectible and a copy of Mario Kart 8. Europeans can buy the set when the game releases on May 30. No word yet on a U.S release, but don’t be too surprised when Nintendo spills the beans.   Source: Nintendo via Joystiq

Some love for the blue shell

Ah, the blue shell’gaming’s most infamous power-up. It makes grown men cry. It gives the worst player in the room a fighting chance. It punishes the skilled. And it’s pretty darn funny. On the eve of Mario Kart 7 Weekend, I’d like to stand up for the poor, misunderstood blue spiky thing (no, not you, Sonic) and show some appreciation for the weapon everyone hates unless they happ...