black friday

Infendo Radio 470 – Astalos In Your Face

Welcome to another edition of Infendo Radio! This week, we talk about Nintendo's holiday game sale, Justin treats us with a round of Nintentunes, and we talk about the games we have been playing in Change The System!

Black Friday Is Here!

Black Friday is Finally here!  Did you score any deals on Nintendo Products?  Maybe have a story to share about your Black Friday Experience?  Or, did you stay at home and play Wii U all night?

3DS price and release date coming in September

Engadget is reporting that Nintendo has announced that they are going to be making an announcement sometime in September. What does this mean? The short and long of it is that a Nintendo representative told Bloomberg Japan the retail price and release date of the Nintendo 3DS would be revealed on September 29th. What does this mean? Not much, but we can always speculate: For instance, the DSi was ...