Super Hot For the Oculus Quest Review

Super Hot For the Oculus Quest Review


So… This game…. Wow. Basically you are in The Matrix, dodging bullets and kicking butt! The levels break up into 4 scenes that start back to back. Time only moves when you do so you have to choose your body movements carefully! If a bullet, fist, or any weapon hits you, you’re toast and you must start the level all over again, whether you were on the first scene of the fourth. The story is… interesting. I honestly have no clue what the story is actually ABOUT, but that actually its making me want to play more and more.

What I like about it: Man, this movie is great (Yes, I know it’s a game. This thing literally makes you feel like you’re in an action movie). There hasn’t ben a time I have caught myself rolling across the ground or ducking behind a fake desk (and every time I disappoint my father a little more LOL). It truly has immersed me into it to where I forget I’m in a video game.


written by:Colton Malich

second opinion

Superhot VR is one of what I consider the three must have titles from the first generation of VR alongside Job simulator and Beat Saber.Having already played and beat it on PSVR I was genuinely curious how the game would play on Oculus Quest. Would the freedom of not having wires as well as having better tracking make quest the system to buy Superhot on or was it largely the same as the other versions.

Superhots gameplay is relatively simple with your only objective being to get rid of all the enemies rushing you on-screen. Time only speeds up when you move so you can gauge how you want to approach a situation without having to worry too much. You will find yourself put into a variety of situations such as four enemies surrounding you with knifes while you are unarmed or facing enemies with guns when you only have throwable objects to defeat them with. There is also a variety of modes to play after you complete the main campaign of the game such as endless mode. Graphically Superhot is almost identical to the other versions which isn’t a huge surprise because the game was never graphically intensive. The Quest gives you a feeling of freedom that none of the other versions can give you as you have no wire so moving in the Quest version is significantly better in this version then the others.

Superhot VR is an amazing VR experience that has gotten better on Quest. The freedom this version provides makes the Quest version the version to buy. 


written by: Michael Grella