Summer Pokemon Promotions Launch in Japan

Summer means a lot of things in Japan: a short break from school, lots of fireworks, discounts for wearing yukata, and an excuse to buy kaki gouri (shaved ice), everywhere you go. This summer however brings a slew of Pokémon promotions into the traditional mix of summer festivities. In addition to Rakuten Travel’s Summer Pika Discount with All Nippon Airways(the company with the Pokémon plane), the Pokémon Center stores in both Yokohama and Tokyo are selling a bunch of original goodies including fruit drops, hair clips, and keychains, and are also offering customers the opportunity to play Pokémon Diamond and Pearl before their September 28th release.
Also, in case East Japan Railways Suica IC cards weren’t cute enough for you, starting today you can get cards emblazoned with Pikachu instead of the usual Penguin logo.

Translated from the Pokémon Center site
“An original Suica IO card that combines Pikachu with the image of a railroad track is on sale now. Whether using JR East Japan Railways or shopping with the card Pikachu will always be with you. Don’t miss the chance to buy this limited edition card!”
This special edition train card will set you back ¥2000 (a little under 20 dollars), in addition to the usual ¥500 deposit you have to pay to get a suica in the first place, and hesitant Japanese buyers can sign up to win one of ten free cards on this page.