Revolution Controller ‘Looks Like a Wavebird’

Some anonymous post on the Gaming Age Forum claims to have seen a developer’s Revolution prototype controller and he’s claiming it looks like a Wavebird. He goes on to say that the buttons are laid out in the traditional SNES style but didn’t get a chance to see the back of it. He does note that Nintendo could be withholding some key functionality features until they officially release the legitimate controller. Obviously.

[Source: Spong]


  1. “traditional Playstation style”
    you mean traditional SNES style

    it really is amazine how ignorant some people are

  2. Corrected. Thanks Kevin.

  3. i think this guys full of it…but evryones entitled to their opinion

  4. I heard that Nintendo always uses the old hardware for the early next-gen dev kits, so it’s only logical to use a WaveBird.
    And as we know the Metroid Prime 3 demo at E3 ran on overclocked GCs….
    So I think that this means nothing…
    Interesting though that they use the SNES layout. I think it is the best controller layout to date…

  5. So it could look a lot like the picture on

  6. It’s bull, I just don’t beleive him.

  7. This is good news. It can only support why we still don’t have a clue about what to expect for the controller.

    Can we still be surprised about what’s going top be revealed as the “revolutionary” controller, after all the hype?

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