Retro Profile: XIII (GC)

by Nicholas Roussos

[Note: While this is “quasi” retro, it’s live cause it’s so well written and we are still lovin’ our cubes]

XIII is a sleeper hit, first person shooter that mixes in a great cell-shaded, comic book style with intrigue and amnesia. From conspiracies to slow blood gurgled deaths, this game is a feast for both the eyes and the imagination. Unlike many FPS games, XIII brings the story to life with rich characters, flashbacks, and good old-fashion story-telling. Levels in this game are both fun and challenging.

XIII mixes a fun selection of weapons with tight gameplay. From the quiet thwarp of the crossbow to fast action machine guns, the weapon sare fun to use; the simple knife is even entertaining enough to pullout after stocking up a full arsenal. The locations are varied with beaches, bank vaults, and even some surprise underwater entrances. Plus, there’s nothing like shooting a guard off a bridge and seeing a four panel close-up of him falling.

With a surprise ending, the story really seals the deal for XIII. It feels like more than just another FPS. The game leaves you satisfied and even wanting more. There’s also a four player mode that I never got to enjoy, but it’s likely to be a lot of fun.

Play or Stay? Play! With this generation of consoles winding down, snag yourself a copy of XIII and get reminded what it was all about.