Retro, Retro Profiles

In a desperate attempt to recall the nostalgia of writing Retro Profiles, I’ve compiled all of Infendo’s Retro Profiles together. It seemed fitting considering the impending launch of Nintendo’s Virtual Console and my very present lack of posts. Soon, rambling retro won’t be retro at all. It will be… What do you call a retro game with new life breathed through the Virtual Console?

Ah well, here’s Infendo’s take on some familiar old faces soon to be born again:

Actraiser (SNES): Feel your mortal blood pump while reliving through words this immortal game.

XIII (GC): Caught you! This baby-faced GameCube title is both a surprise (at least for a Retro Profile) and like most of the GC generation under-valued. Cherish the memories of those comic strip days.

The Legend of Zelda (NES): The Golden Cartridge… The one everyone talks about, but too few have played.

Pilot Wings (SNES): Soar high with this lofty walk down memory lane.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES): A property that seems to continually mutate into something new. Read about one of its first forays onto home video game consoles.

Goonies II (NES): Put down that yo-yo and read about what they were like back in the day (used as weapons in video games). Is it a sequel or a new beginning?

Kirby’s Adventure (NES): Retro, pink and relevant; thank you.

Blades of Steel (NES): Do you remember what it’s like to be poetic? How about a fist fight wearing skates on the ice? Not now, back then, retro-style.

Karate Kid (NES): Only a true master can reminisce about playing a video game with a fly-catching-chopstick mini-game. Now you are at peace.

So, what’s sadder? The stifled tears of burying your childhood (retro) memories, or the massive amount of time we’re all about to loose reliving them with the Virtual Console. “I’ll clean the dishes right after I knock King Hippo on his fat… Oh, okay, I’ll wash them now.”