Reggie Asks: Nintendo TVii

I was talking to a friend of mine at the launch of the Wii U.  Part of our conversation turned to Nintendo TVii and I asked when he thought it would be launched.  His response was, “When Hell freezes over”.  We got a little giggle, but with tomorrows apocalypse upon us, I have to thin that today’s launch is quite fitting.  (Side note, I do not believe the world will end tomorrow).

The launch of Nintendo TVii has raised some questions.  What will be the full potential?  What will we get directly after the download?  Will it receive regular updates, or large quarterly updates?

Today, to answer our questions, Reggie will host a special Reggie Asks to answer all of our questions (well maybe not all, but all that they are willing to reveal).

I won’t be able to apply the update until later this evening after work, so feel free to share your thoughts on Nintendo TVii, and the Reggie Asks broadcast!

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