PSN: Guacamelee References Nintendo Icons In Game

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I am not sure if it is pure genius, or maybe a friendly stab in the back, but adding a few Nintendo references to PSN’s Guacamelee has me curious to play the game.

Before seeing the image above and the two images below, I really had no desire to play.  However, this platformer (available only for the PS3 and PSVita) is more than a normal Metroidvania style game.  It is so jam packed with video game references (not all Nintendo) that it is sure to keep you on your toes, searching for the next reference.

I think this is a great idea, especially on a Playstation platform, I mean…without Nintendo, there would be no Playstation, so why not play tribute to them?  Although doubtful, it would be great to see Nintendo do something similar to reference Playstation exclusive.

Hit the jump for a list of other references and two more screen shots…

The following list of references can be seen on various billboards, windows, statues, etc… throughout the game:

1. Business Cat / Bachelor Frog
2. Majora’s Mask / Mega Man
3. Link
4. Metroids
5. Chozo Statue
6. Insanity Wolf
7. Booster (Super Mario RPG)
8. Viva Pinata
9. Super Mario Brothers
10. Minecraft
11. The Persistence of Memory (Salvador Dali)
13. Grumpy Cat
14. Me Gusta (Rage Face)
15. Ikea Monkey
16. Castle Crashers
17. Gentlemen Meme
18. Owl Statue (Zelda)
19. Trolololo Guy
20. Bowser Battle (Mario Brothers 1)
21. Princess is in Another Castle (Mario Brothers 1)


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