Nintendo Zone Launches in Europe


If you live in Europe, and own a Nintendo 3DS, then today is your lucky day!  You can now take advantage of the Nintendo Zone!  The Nintendo Zone will allow 3DS owners to access exclusive product information, game trailers, screenshots, video clips, and even demos.  To use the feature you will need to have WiFi connectivity, but with over 25,000 hot spots it shouldn’t be to hard.  Actually, Nintendo has created a map of hot spots to show you exactly where you can connect.  The map can be viewed here.

Currently Nintendo Zone is available at over 29,000 locations in the US and Canada, to see a map of North American locations, click here.  Here in the US, some of the Nintendo Zone features include full episodes of Pokemon, exclusive Best Buy Discount Coupons, etc…

What is your favorite Nintendo zone feature?


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