Nintendo: The Critique

Don’t be too unorthodox! There, I said it. Nintendo has a way of playing the “we know more that anyone else” card. By doing that, they tend to miss the boat sometimes. I still can’t believe what they pulled by saying online play wouldn’t catch on. What were they thinking? It makes me wonder if they didn’t have it planned, and by the time the next gen consoles came out, they were left scratching there heads for an answer.

Nintendo can’t let their innovative and creative ways get in the way of listing to the public. Yeah, I’m fed up with the repeat games too, but you gotta give milk before the meat. It will be interesting to see how “Revolutionary” Revolution will be. If it’s revolutionary in a simple, back to basics sense, I can see it doing well. Going to town on Microsoft and Sony? Probably not, but carving it’s way in the history books as the de facto innovator in the games industry, very likely.