Next Level Games: Nintendo Collaborations



Next Level Games, development team of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario’s Football/Soccer, and the Wii U version of Punch Out, was recently interviewed by Nintendolife.  During the interview, they were asked if they felt there was improvement from their first Nintendo collaboration to the current:

“Haha, it kind of feels like that! I think we’ve also been tagged in some circles as the ones who can revive old Nintendo franchises. I think we’ve solidified our studio’s ability to collaborate with Nintendo to create high quality games. I am certainly excited to see what IPs we get to work on next!”

Next level Games seems to be morphing into a role similar to Retro Studios as they partner with Nintendo.  A notable difference is that Next Level Games is still and independent developer, and not officially a second party developer.  When asked what they would like to work on in the future, Bryce Holiday-Game Director responded:

“Really, we are grateful to work on any Nintendo IP but if there are any wish-granting entities listening out there, we would love a chance to work on a Zelda or Mario game!”

What Nintendo game would you like to see them work on next?  Any old, maybe forgotten franchises, you would like to see them revive?

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