Muramasa loses North American Publisher, gets a new one [update]


The North American release of one of the Wii’s most stylized titles came into question when IGN released a statment from XSEED games declaring that they were no longer invovled with the western release of Muramasa: The demon blade:

XSEED Games confirms that it is no longer involved with the North American release of Muramasa: The Demon Blade. XSEED Games and Marvelous had previously announced the game as part of the initial line up between the two publishing partners. We firmly believe in the product and will look forward to seeing it release in North America. We enjoy and respect our relationship with Marvelous, and are committed to working together to deliver an amazing line up of games in the US including the highly anticipated Little King’s Story, the epic RPG Arc Rise Fantasia and Suda51’s intriguing mystery adventure Flower, Sun, Rain.


Why would XSEED drop a title they “firmly believe in?”  The details are scarce, but both the press release and IGN article suggest that Marvelous found a new publisher, and this great looking title will still find it’s way to North American shores.

Details regarding Muramasa’s “new publisher” are expected to surface later this week.

UPDATE: Joystiq is reporting that Muramasa’s North American release is now being handled by Ignition Entertainment – Expect this stylistic wonder in Sepember.