Metroid Prime Trilogy: Out of Print!

metroid-prime-trilogyHere’s a story that’s been making the rounds: Metroid Prime Trilogy has gone out of print.  The Coffee With Games blog noticed that it was no longer selling as new at Amazon, and decided to inquire to the big-N themselves for more info.  After a few emails, he mined the following comment regarding Metroid Prime Trilogy:

“….it is no longer being shipped.  When first introduced, it was announced that there would be limited availability.  However, a reason for this was not announced.  That being said, you may still be able to locate a copy via stores that specialize in previously played or used games.

So there you have it – Metroid Prime Trilogy was released on the Wii as a “Collectors Edition,” and the availability of this limited edition has just run out.  No word yet if a non, collector’s edition of this title will become available in the future.  Consider yourself lucky if you managed to nab the metalic-cased trilogy – the Gamecube classics shine on the Wii, feeling as fresh as they did in their prime. Oop – see what I did there?

Did you snag a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy? Are you going to hunt it down now that it’s becoming rare? How do you feel about Nintendo cutting off production of this title? Let us know in the comments, or join the discussion in the forums!