Like Mario Kart? Like Mario Kart themed tee shirts? …you’re going to want to sit down.


Infendo and Threadless have teamed up to bring you what is quite possibly the best Mario Kart shirt in existence. Want a chance to win one for yourself? Just make sure to follow these three easy steps:

  • In the comments, tell us your favorite Mario Kart of all time and why
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The contest will close Saturday, June 18 at 8 PM MST. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random.

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Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. Yay rule changes! No biggy (still first!)

    My favorite Mario Kart of all time is Super Mario Kart on…well…the Super Nintendo. It’s probably just the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, though. It’s the same with Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country – childhood at it’s finest.

  2. Favourite mario kart has to be DS version. There are a few reasons for this: The drift and boost system was great, i could take it everywhere i went and there were plenty of unlockables. I must have clocked over 100 hours on that game 🙂
    I must say that in a close second was Mario Kart 64 purely because of the arguments that arose between all my friends!!

  3. My favorite is also Mario Kart DS. I just like the feel of it better than any of the others, for some reason I can’t seem to control the others near as well, the portability is also a huge plus.

  4. Mario Kart: Double Dash was my favorite Mario Kart. Most of the updates that were made from its predecessor, Mario Kart 64, were huge landmarks for the Mario Kart series, such as selectable karts with stats and character specific items. The co-op is also flawlessly integrated and adds a lot of replay value when you play with friends. Finally, the Double Dash tracks are remarkable set-pieces, each one carrying a unique aesthetic that emphasizes the excitement of the series.

  5. Without hesitation, my favorite Mario Kart is Mario Kart DS. I don’t know how many hours my wife and I both put into that game. It was the only DS game I ever even spent time actually playing online (it had the best online setup of any Nintendo online-enabled game ever made), which I did quite regularly until it became overrun by hackers. But one of my favorite aspects was playing Mario Kart DS in eight-player multiplayer matches when I was an art intern with Spidermonk Entertainent during the summer of 2006. They’re a small mobile/indie game developer (they made Roogoo) with only eight or nine employees at the time I was there. Every Monday we’d all go to lunch at this pizza joint. We’d get three freakin’ huge pizzas which we’d eat as fast as possible, then spend the next hour or so sitting around the table in the middle of the small restaurant beating the snot out of each other on Mario Kart DS. I don’t know how many times we were “asked” to leave for being too loud, but man, it was always soo much fun. I also enjoyed Mario Kart DS because, as a game artist, I loved spending time making the most killer-looking avatar icons I could!

  6. Mario Kart 64 – I loved playing Toad’s Highway level. I would play it over and over. Not to race against anyone, just to try and dodge cars in crazy ways. How close can you get before getting creamed!

    That level alone was worth the cost of the game.

  7. definitely mario kart ds. I got that game before a long plane ride to England never put it down. also because i was like 6 when it came out and i was to young to play the gba mario kart.

  8. My favorite Mario Kart has to be Mario Kart DS. Not only was it the first Mario kart that was online but it had tracks from old Mario kart games and new ones too. The game controls the best, plays the best, and the second screen is put to such good use. I loved the mission mode, the various tornaments and the fact that I can play against my buddies even of they do not have the game. Even though I 3 starred everything in the game I still play it to this day because it’s the most repayable DS game I have ever owned. I love Mario kart 🙂

  9. My favorite would have to be Mario Kart Wii. I got it the day it came out, and I was really excited. I got everything I wanted, and more! It was fun seeing all the new karts and characters. They even had motorcycles, which I loved. I loved watching my little brother, who is only 9, beat people online that were on the other side of the world. He is pretty good, and he laughs at me, because I am not good at all. Even today, my brother and I cannot get enough of this game, there are so many things to still do: Unlock Dry Bowser, Get all the karts, get 3 stars on every cup, the list goes on and on. We have played Double Dash and the DS version, but in my view point, nothing else compares to the awesomeness of the Wii version. And because of this game, it is now a reflex for me to shake the Wii remote when going up a ramp. This is especially funny when I am playing the DS version, and my DS screen goes backwards, because I am so used to doing it on the Wii. And both of us would have to agree: Mario Kart Wii rocks!

  10. My favorite is Mario Kart DS ive spent the most
    time on that game then any other and ive beat it several times andni never get tired
    of it, hope mario kart 3DS will be even better!

  11. I have played every version of mario kart.
    My (two) favorites are the ones I got to spend the most time playing with my family, and are the titles that (currently) bookend the franchise.

    Super Mario Kart – I spent so much time playing battle mode with my sister, we had a trophy that would get passed back and forth. Also remember my dad swearing at the princess a lot!

    Mario Kart Wii – Now that we live in different houses, and cities, it is great to be able to play wifi matches with my family. It is a flashback to sitting in our parent’s basement on the SNES, we even got my dad to get a wii. I think Kart is the only thing he plays on it…maybe some tiger woods golf to, but its mainly a Kart Machine!

  12. My favorite Mario Kart of all time is most definitely Mario Kart: Double Dash!! This game introduced, in my own opinion, the most tight controls the series ever saw. I never got such a kick out of drifting in my life. Like seriously, I would go entire races without ever letting go of the L/R buttons. Double Dash also had the most fun local multiplayer any of the games had ever seen. Battle mode was so much fun! Stacking Bob-ombs and chucking them all at once in a firey blaze of Michael Bay inspired random explosions is the most fun I have ever had in any Mario Kart game to date. I cherished the times I have spent with friends and family playing this game. It holds a special place in my little gamer’s heart.

  13. my favorite mario kart is easily mario kart ds. My favoite moment was pulling out all my DSs (lite to 3DS) and battling for hour with my wife’s little sisters. Nothing like mario kart and DS to come in and save the day!

  14. Well, Double-Dash is what got me into Mario Kart. Before that, the only one I had played was “Super Circuit” for the GBA. I was never into racing games as a kid, but since it came as a pack-in with my Gamecube so I wasn’t about to let it go to waste. I thoroughly enjoyed the two-rider aspects, especially the fact that you could switch the riders’ positions at will and strategize about the items that they pick-up. That being said, I may still call Mario Kart Wii my favorite simply for the amount of fun I had with my friends playing the game. I perfected the Wii-wheel controls pretty quickly and unlocked as many of the tracks and trophies as I could (finally unlocked the mirror-mode about a year later!) My old college buddies still talk about the times in the dorm where Mario Kart sessions would go well into the night to the point where security would have to come shut us up for being too loud (I was the RA of the floor too, go figure)

  15. My favorite version of Mario Kart would have to be the Wii version for one simple reason. It brought my wife into the fold of videogaming with the family. Weekends have never been the same now that 3 of us can play together instead of always just my son and me.

  16. Mine is Simply Mario Kart 64. I was raised up playing the 64, so It Comes natural to me. Me and my sister used to sit down and play it all the time. When she came home from collage, we played it every day that summer. The game never got boring, always exciting.

  17. I love Mario Kart DS. It has a mix of great new tracks that go good with the older tracks that I never got to play. It, in a way, allowed me to catch up on Mario Kart. The online is also great. I was just playing it the other day and, when we started with four people, we ended with only three. The drop-out style play is really nice. I love it.

  18. Double dash for 1 lap baby park epic races!!!!!!!
    Also the original for blowing my mind.

  19. love the shirt.

    Mario Kart 64 is my favorite. So many memories.. but here are highlights.
    1) I used to de-stress by turning off the volume, putting on some soft rock, and playing Kart. Had my best runs that way- unlocking the ghosts.
    2) Large Mario Kart tourney in college. First year I came in 3rd. Second year of the tourney I had shattered a metacarpal (bone in my hand) and my forearm was in a cast that only left my thumb and a little bit of my pointer useable. I played holding down the accelerator with my thumb and shifting my entire hand from the shoulder to use the shoulder button for slides. Came in 2nd. I felt like such a badass.
    3) My college gf had a copy of the game that always seemed to run at high speed. it.was.intense.

  20. Mario Kart 64 is my favorite. It was the last one that easy to jump into and just go! No different vehicles to choose from, just the standard kart. You knew just by glancing at the character what kind of racer you would be controlling. I’ve gotten schooled in newer karts by not picking (or having unlocked) the right combination of character, kart, etc etc no fun!

  21. My favorite was Mario Kart DS! It was my first chance to play online co-op in any game, and boy was it fun! Funny story to go with this though. Nobody in our small town had Wi-Fi to speak of, so it was kinda impossible to play online! We had dial-up in my town, and that was about it. One day, I tried to find wireless signals with the DS, and found a weak signal! I walked all around town, trying to find it, but to no avail… Finally I tried checking back in our house again, and oddly, the signal was stronger… After searching the den, I finally discovered that the chimney (it was a metal stove chimney), was somehow acting as a waveguide and boosting the signal! It was crazy, but it worked for a good month or so 😀 It was some of the best times I’d had while gaming. Playing online? It was crazy, and awesome! Good ‘ole magic chimney… and the mysterious connection labelled “nww2”. To this day, I have never found that connection source! We always joked it was a gift from Shiggy, and Iwata 🙂 haha…. good times…

  22. My favorite Mario Kart was the one for the N64. Some of the best levels, shortcuts, and those awesome blue shell item blocks! Totally the best one ever. Me and my brothers played the junk out of that game. Yoshi FTW! lol

  23. With out a doubt Super Mario Kart. It is my 2nd favorite game of all time, behind only A Link to the Past. I spent more time playing that game than any other ever. My friends and I used to keep notebooks full of our records against each other and play for money. We decided that we played it so much that a nickel a game was the only reasonable amount to play for.

  24. My favorite Mario Kart has to be Mario Kart 64. It’s what introduced me to the series, and the gameplay is still loads of fun to this day. Always a blast to play with friends. A true classic.

  25. my favorite mario kart has to be mario kart 64 because it was the first one i really played, and i think the battle mode for 64 is still the best.

  26. Having played all of the Mario Karts, I’d have to say that Mario Kart Wii is my favorite. It would have been Mario Kart DS, but unfortunately the snaking in that game is out of control. Mario Kart Wii sports many different control options as well as the option to NOT have to do the power slide. What a huge improvement to the game. I’ve played many a noob that wouldn’t have even had a chance without this option. Also the online is the best! (except when you’re playing cheaters…uggg)

  27. My favorite Mario Kart of all time is Mario Kart Wii. My son loved it. I loved it. My husband is iffy on video games and he loved it. Awesome family times!

  28. My’s probably With the DS version of the game.
    It was the first version I bought myself and I was constantly shocked at how much content Nintendo seemed to stuff in that tiny cart.
    First off: The Graphics
    People often compare the ds’s graphical power to that of a N64. Compare the Mario Kart DS graphics to that of the N64. The crisp, detailed poligonal models are some of the best 3d on the system, putting the sprites of it’s predicessor to shame.
    After you pull back the peel of this ripe bannana (pun intended), you’re treated with a wealth of content not found in it’s predicessors. A notable addition was the Mission mode. It provided a great diversion from Grand Prix–unfortuneatly it did not appear in the wii edition of the game.
    The most important feature for the game was online racing. Mario Kart DS was the first time any Nintendo game let you “take on the world.” This is the true charm of the game. How many people spent hours trying to get their zelda sword and shield emblem perfect? figuring yout the most absurd cart/driver combo (Peach w/dry bomber) to show off online? How remember walking into McDonalds and sitting for hours with out ordering anything just to play Kart online? It is not just a revolution to the franchise, Mario Kart DS was a revolution to the Kart Racing genre and Nintendo platforms themselves. The box even advertised a free Friend Code included with every game.

  29. My favourite Mario Kart game of all time is Mario Kart DS cause of all the fun times spent with friends playig in my high school library playing it and trying to not get caught. During my 5th year in high school, all the DS owners would gather in a hallway near my school’s gym and play Mario Kart DS among other games for hours on end and that particular hallway is now called the DS Hallway, even after graduating nearly 4 years ago!

  30. Double dash is my fave hands down, I fell in love with the levels, me and my little brother would play all day and then when we had to go outside we raced around on our tricycles, with a sister on the back throwing things at the other tricycle duo, I remember finding an old turtle shell and playing “double dash” with and eating bananas just to throw the peel at one another, imitating the sound FX (mostly toad and yoshi) and racing aroun our cement pad, Mario kart double dash was an amazing game and will always bring back memories, I still love to play it, I hope the new mario kart ammounts to this, thanks infendo for bringing back my most fondest video game memories.

  31. Double dash is my fave hands down, I fell in love with the levels, me and my little brother would play all day and then when we had to go outside we raced around on our tricycles, with a sister on the back throwing things at the other tricycle duo, I remember finding an old turtle shell and playing “double dash” with and eating bananas just to throw the peel at one another, imitating the sound FX (mostly toad and yoshi) and racing aroun our cement pad, Mario kart double dash was an amazing game and will always bring back memories, I still love to play it, I hope the new mario kart ammounts to this, thanks infendo for bringing back my most fondest video game memories. 🙂

  32. Honestly, I’d have to say that Mario Kart Wii was my favorite karter. After playing Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Mario Kart DS, I was looking forward to seeing what this game would do to mix up the formula. I fondly remember doing yardwork for a friend for hours in order to get enough money for it, and going into Walmart to buy it not too long after. From the unlockables, to the tracks, and the INCREDIBLE online experience (for the Wii in any case), I was simply amazed and satisfied with the game. I still pop it in as often as I did when I first got it, whether it’s to play a friend or practice some Time Trialing, the game has really become a part of my life, so to speak. RAINBOW ROAD made me especially happy, with all the Galaxy throwbacks. I’m so happy I got, and can’t wait for Mario Kart 3DS (even if I don’t have a 3DS yet)!

  33. Thanks for everyone who entered the contest! I have enjoyed ready each and every comment, thanks for the great discussion!

  34. Mario Kart DS….

    The DS says it all. I always have a Mario Kart game ready for some fun (except for the blue shells they are not fun at all (except if I’m the one using it, that’s big time fun))