Kirby: Triple Deluxe details revealed in various Japanese magazines


A few details for Kirby: Triple Deluxe have emerged from various Japanese magazines recently. The scans of the upcoming 3DS Kirby title reveal some interesting features such as tilting the handheld for puzzles and a new bell and beetle power up. The scans were first shown through a post on NeoGAF with a user helping on the translations.

The additional features are as follow, according to the NeoGAF user:

-A new bell power-up (Kirby holds a bell in each hand, has a bell on his head) and the beetle power-up
-“Big Bang” (?) power where Kirby turns rainbow and sucks all the things up in super-powered suck that has been featured in the trailer. Only appears in some stages. Sucks things up, spit things out (ew) and open new pathways. 
-Some stages require you to tilt the 3DS. 
-Mini-games featuring King Dedede, 1-4 players. 
-Collect over 250 Key Chains, which celebrate Kirby’s history, in-game and trade them via Street Pass. 
-One of the key chains is a pile of Kirbys as seen in Kirby Mass Attack
-One of the mini games involves jumping on drums while trying to reach the goal
-If you swallow new bell enemies you get the new Bell power.
-Bell attacks with sound.
-Pressing the button repeatedly makes the sound louder.
-You can go inside the bell to protect yourself, too.
-Swallowing the beanstalks seen in screens and footage are what trigger the ‘Big Bang’ power.
-Seems the name of the world is Floarald(o) (Furorarudo), floating in the sky. 

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is currently scheduled for release on the 3DS on January 11, 2014 in Japan.

So, are you excited for this new Kirby title for the 3DS? Tell us what you think about the new supposed features in the comments below.


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