Interview: Jim Merrick Part 2

CVG has posted it’s second half of its interview with NOE’s Jim Merrick. He talks Electroplankton in Europe, the company’s marketing and strategic plans, and the new wi-fi service due out this fall. All-in-all, a good read.

From the interview:
What would you say to someone who suggests Nintendo’s marketing strategy simply isn’t aggressive enough? Jim Merrick: “We try to very practical about measuring our marketing effectiveness and making sure we are really targeting the people who’re going to buy our products and that they’re taking away our key messages from our advertising. We’d love to do more and more marketing, but on the other side, we are a for-profit enterprise – we’re actually in this business to make money, as opposed to some of our competitors so we have to practical.”

Do you aggree with that marketing stance?

[Source: CVG]