Eyesheild 21 Max Devlipower Update

I’ve never spent more than five minutes of my entire life watching American football on TV, and everytime anyone tries to explain the rules to me I just get frustrated and confused. But this Japanese webpage may be the thing to get me started. I just finished watching nine mini-instructional videos on how each kind of football play is executed in the up-coming anime/action/RPG/sports game “Eyesheild 21 Max Devilpower,” and I’m actually really excited to see the full-game in action. From what it looks like, you plan out which tactic to execute and the character to use with the stylus before any of the action occurs, and the success of your play is based on quick-jabs of the stylus to either stop the ball, run around somebody or pummel the opponent. Nintendo’s webpage lists a February Second release date for this title in Japan, let’s hope more DSes will ship so that everyone overseas can get their hands on this game!

Eyesheild 21 Max Devilpower Official Japanese Website