Colt’s Choice 6/14/2020

Colt’s Choice 6/14/2020

What is going on fam!? It’s your boy Colt and you know I’m back for another week of Colt’s Choice! Everyone doing okay? I hope so!!! I may be cheating the rules a little bit but ya know what, I made them so fight me!

My choice for the week has been a new GREAT game developed by Nintendo called Clubhouse 51+ Games! More specifically, it is developed by Nintendo and the same dev team that makes Mario Party. In Clubhouse, you have 51 classic games throughout history as well as a piano to jam on! You have classic card games like blackjack and Texas Hold em, board gams like cheese checkers, regular checkers, chess, ludo, mancala, and other great games like paddle baseball, soccer, curling, bowling, darts, even fishing and a shooting gallery(the last 4 also use motion controls like the classic wii remote!)!

This is the great switch version of Wii Play and you get to learn great history of games, and have games to play with friends online or local! Some games even include a mosaic mode where you can connect two switches together to make a larger tanks battlefield or a longer slot car track! Now, the biggest problem I have with it is Nintendo isn’t the best at online, so only a select few games are available for 2 players, and even less for 3 and 4.

Nevertheless, I hope they fix it in an update in the future AND I pray they come out with DLC packs with even more games to add to the fun! This game is at a nice price at $40 and I think it is worth it for great fun with friends and AI! I play over 2 hours a day every night and it is WORTH IT! If you pick it up please let me know and I’ll gladly face you off in any of the games! There was have it folks, glad you stuck around for another week! Can’t wait to talk to you next week and until next time…. GAME ON!!!!