Colton Writes into Battle!

Colton Writes into Battle!

Hello readers! My name is Colton Malich but you probably know me as Colt45 in the Discord. I have been graced to be the newest writer for Infendo. I figured the best way to start is a small post about me so you guys understand me on a more personal level.

I am 22 years old, turning 23 on the 10th of this month and have lived my life in the Fabulous Las Vegas! I majored in Computer Science at a small school in Chicago where I also played College Baseball. I met a lovely girl who played softball at our university who is studying in grad school to be an occupational therapist. She completes me and helps me see things for different views. My dream is to own my own software company that makes various products from websites and apps to games and company softwares. On top of that I like to develop games and apps on the side. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, rafting, and, of course, gaming. I own a Cocker Spaniel and 6 chickens.

I LOVE video games. My first memory of video games was The Gameboy, The Gamecube, and The SEGA Dreamcast. My favorite games are Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, I started out with Gold and Wind Waker. My mom even has old photos of me sitting in pajamas playing Animal Crossing before school! Being a game developer, I have gained a huge appreciation for indie developers and have reached for them more often, yet I am also the most critical of their choices.

I will be reviewing games from all genres to make sure everyone can get at least one review from me. I am very excited to start this journey and would love to hear any feedback you guys have! Feel free to message me on Discord and ask questions about any topic or, to tell me I’m doing a bad job or good job. See ya’ll next time!