Chance Time – Mario Party Quiz


Do you have what it takes to party hardy? Take the quiz and find out!


This Minigame has been featured in Mario Party, Mario Party 2 AND Mario Party Top 100. It had the players on an island, as they were being blasted with canonballs. The goal – survive until the end.
Bombs Away
Cannonball Run
Cannonball Run was a 1981 action/adventure movie, not a Mario Party 1 minigame
Fire In The Hole
A common phrase when an explosion is imminent, but not the name of a Mario Party 1 minigame


Mario Party 3 added two new playable characters to the series. One of them was Waluigi. Who was the other?
Princess Daisy
Birdo wasnt playable until Mario Party 7
Toad wasn’t made playable until Mario Party 5


Donkey Kong is the only character from the original Mario Party who has not been playable in recent titles, until his return in Mario Party 10. What game was the first in which he was absent?
Mario Party 5
This was also the introduction to DK Spaces, where a variety of positive events would occur for the player who landed on it
Mario Party 6
While DK wasn’t playable in Mario Party 6, this wasn’t his first absence
Mario Party 4
Donkey Kong was still playable in Mario Party 4


Back before Bowser Jr., Baby Bowser spent his time in the early Mario Party games ruining player’s good times. Eventually, he was made playable, under the name Koopa Kid – what game marked his first playable appearance?
Mario Party 5
Koopa Kid was also playable in Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7
The Koopa Kid did appear in Mario Party 7, but only as an orb that Bowser sometimes sold in his shop
Mario Party 8
By Mario Party 8, Koopa Kid had disappeared from the Mario Party series


Hexagon Heat was a minigame in Mario Party 2 where the player had to jump on colored platforms to stay out of lava. The game was actually a remake of a Mario Party 1 minigame. What was the name of the original minigame?
Mushroom Mix-Up
Hexagon Heat was also featured in Mario Party Top 100 – With added symbols on the platforms to assist colorblind players
Platform Peril
This Mario Party 1 minigame had players running diagonally across falling platforms
Box Mountain Mayhem
This Mario Party 1 minigame had players breaking a mountain of boxes to collect coins
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