BS Zelda Retrospect (Bandai Satellite)

In case you haven’t heard of either, IGN has a nice retrospect on BS Zelda for the Broadcast Satellaview system (SNES extension) made by Bandai. From the article: “Unlike the previous Zelda games, BS Zelda isn’t one game per se, it’s a theme — or a collection of episodic games and quests. Playing BS Zelda meant playing two different types of Zelda adventures. One was a 16-bit upgrade of the original NES hit Legend of Zelda often simply referred to as BS Legend of Zelda. The other was an ‘Ura Zelda’ quest based on A Link to the Past called BS Zelda: Kodai no Sekiban.”

Pictured left is the original Zelda for NES, and on the right is the 16-bit remixed version of BS Zelda. Oh, Nintendo! Please, oh please release an original Zelda remake a la Super Mario Advance’s graphical upgrades. I would happily fork over good money for that. Do it for the kids!

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