Be Reggie’s assistant

Does the idea of stapling Reggie’s TPS reports fill you with joy? When at a gaming conference, and you happen to overhear the Regginator asking for a cup of coffee, is your immediate reaction to vault to his rescue with a pot of joe?

If you said yes, they get those fingers ready to click on this job posting link from Nintendo!

Seems the king of Nintendo in the U.S. is seeking an executive assistant. No word yet from Nintendo on what happened to the old one, but rumor is s/he got caught on a service elevator playing PSP.

Here’s some qualifications:

  • Eight years related experience
  • Broad and comprehensive experience, including a thorough knowledge of the organization, including policies and practices
  • Detailed knowledge of organizational operations, procedures, and personnel
  • Excellent PC skills including Windows, Word, and Excel
  • High level expertise with PowerPoint
  • Ability to relay information with tact and diplomacy
  • Bilingual in Japanese/English preferred

Well, I’m out already. Whenever I see a Power Point presentation I get violent and start punching babies in the face. Go for it, Infendo!