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Scott Pilgrim Tanking at the Box Offices

The first “true” video game movie isn’t doing to well at the box offices, according to sales data. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World only managed to pull in a measly 10 million over opening weekend; which isn’t exactly cutting it

Move over Mario Paint… We got uDraw now!!

THQ has announced something pretty cool today, and I’m not talking about their promise not to release anymore mediocre titles.  I’m talking about uDraw Studio. This game comes with a drawling tablet, and that’s almost if not as cool as

Divergent Shift now availible on DSiWare

Cool independent game being published by Konami on the DSi. Check it out.

Hands On: Lost in Shadow

For those who haven’t heard of this unique title heading to the Wii from Hudson Entertainment; Lost in Shadow is a puzzle platformer that puts you in the shadows. You are the personification of a young boy’s shadow who is,

Youtube Tuesday – Super Mario Galaxy 2 Short Cuts

This is a compilation video of all the well known, or known shortcuts and tricks that are possible in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Surprisingly, I learned a trick or two from watching it. It’s a great video and I didn’t

Now for Something Completely Different…

Can you name the Game? [Guess before reading the comments!]