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Nintendo Switch Beats Wii U Lifetime Sales in Japan

The Nintendo Switch was released recently and is quickly growing big in Japan. The Wii U, which was Nintendo’s big hit in Japan, quickly proved that it had become old. The sales for the Nintendo Switch during the holiday season

5 Best Nintendo Casino and Cards Video Games

The Nintendo was created in 1889 and it is one of the most famous companies for developing software and hardware. This is a well-known name in a world of gaming since the begging of a video playing era. This is

Infendo Radio 428 – Super Infendo Bowl!

Infendo Radio records every Sunday night at 8:30 EST. Be sure to join us live, and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Want to support Infendo Radio? Be sure to check out our Patreon page today! We would love for

Top Forgotten Casino & Card Video Games You Need to Try

The Nintendo Entertainment System, popularly known as NES, is easily one of the most popular video game consoles of all time. It was easy to afford and offered tons of compatible games for us to enjoy. Now, although the majority

Top 10 Popular Old School Games by Nintendo

There is no dearth of video games developers in the world, thanks to the huge demand. However, few have the creativity and capacity to maintain a reputation for decades after decades. Without a doubt, Nintendo lands on one of the

Nintendo Delays 64 GB Switch Card Launch To 2019

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, then you probably feel the 32 GB Game Cards cramp your style. Our friends and acquaintances who play on the Xbox One and PS4 enjoy 50 GB of storage for their favourite games. Nintendo’s