E3 ‘Blitzkrieg Weekend’ starts tommorrow!


After a sleepless week of interviews, hands-on playtests, trailers, booth babes, lines, dines, and wines, the Infendo E3 attendees are taking a brief respite – but stick around!  The Infendo E3 Blitzkrig is nearly upon us, stay tuned this weekend for extensive coverage:

  • Hands-on impressions with Nintendo E3 line-up!
  • Q & A sessions with developers and producers!
  • Gameplay video from High Voltage Software’s recently announced “Gladiator AD” and “The Grinder” Wii exclusives!
  • Witty and clever analysis of the “big three” press conferences and what they mean for the industry!
  • Trash talk!
  • A special E3 edition of Infendo Radio featuring Sean, Kyle, Blake, and Will with discussion, impressions, and answers to YOUR questions!

So sit back, take it easy for a day – and get ready for the weekend as we rock your socks off with Infendo’s take on E3 2009!