Colt’s Choice 1/26/20

Hey what’s going on fam! It’s your boy Colt and I’m back with another choice for ya! This one is a spooky one that I have gotten back into and loving so without further ado, let’s strap in and go!

My choice is Just Ignore Them, by Stranga games. This is a point and click 8 bit horror about a man named Mark trying to deal with the demons constantly haunting him, trying to follow his mom’s advice as a kid to “just ignore them” Now one thing I enjoy is I can use the joystick to control my curser, or if I’m sitting in bed I can pop those off and just chill with touch screen controls to really make it compact. This game has the perfect blend of of dark and scary, yet does it in an 8 bit package and your imagination takes over to fill in those graphical blanks.

I’ve grown to really love Stranga Games as a dev because they have made a number of 8 bit horror games with great stories and this one is no different! Traditionally I’m a pretty big baby when it comes to horror genres and man, this is great to get your mind running!

Hey guys, this game is $4.99 on the US Eshop. Guys take the $5 and spend it for a few hours of scary enjoyment on and a great story dialogue. I promise you, you will not regret it!

So what do you think fam? Is it spoopy enough for ya?? Have you picked this up and enjoyed it yourself? Let me know in the comments section below.

I’d like to take one more moment to thank you fine readers for logging in every weekend and see what I have to say. If it wasn’t for you, I may just be staring at the wall. I’m your boy Colt and until next time…. GAME ON!!!!