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716 – Nintendo Partner Direct Recap and Gaming Updates

Join us for Episode 716 as we welcome former Infendo Alum Chris to discuss the latest Nintendo Partner Direct, highlighting third-party announcements and upcoming Switch releases. Don't miss out on our engaging gaming discussions and updates!

715 – Switch 2 Backward Compatibility Rumors and Gaming Updates

Episode 715 brings you discussions on the latest rumors surrounding Switch 2 backward compatibility and highlights of the games our hosts have been enjoying recently. Tune in for intriguing insights and engaging conversations!

714 – Switch 2 Launch Predictions and Gaming Updates

In Episode 714, we delve into our predictions for the highly anticipated Switch 2 launch lineup and provide updates on the games we've been enjoying lately. Tune in for engaging discussions and valuable insights into the gaming world!

713 – 20 Questions and Gaming Updates

In Episode 713, we spice things up with a game of 20 Questions and share insights into the games we've been playing. Get ready for an entertaining and informative episode filled with gaming discussions!

712 – Nintentunes and Gaming Updates

In Episode 712, Eugene, Justin, and Brandon engage in a lively game of Nintentunes and share updates on the games they've been playing. Tune in for an entertaining and informative discussion!