12 is better than 6 review

12 is better than 6 is a game that will make you go through plenty of highs and plenty of lows. The story is average at best and forgettable at worst, however the art style and gameplay ultimately save the game and make it a worthwhile venture.


The story in 12 is better than 6 is fairly predictable if you have seen western movies. It does have some unique twists, but nothing that will blow you out of the water. The game starts with our main character working in a mine with no memory of who he is or how he got there. From there you begin a quest to recover your memory and figure out who you are. Of course, you eventually learn our main character’s name and past – but I’ll omit that so the game’s plot isn’t spoiled for anyone. Still, the plot is largely forgettable and doesn’t feel like it pays off in the end.


The graphical style of 12 is better than 6 immediately attracted me to the game. It’s a fantastic, hand drawn style that always continued to impress me. There is an immense amount of detail put into the game with all sorts of little touches such as the blood that comes out of an enemy when you shoot them or the overturned chairs in the background when you get into a fight at a bar. All these little details enhance the game quite a bit.


Combat is top down and consists of shooting your enemies before they have the chance to shoot you. Enemies die in one hit but, so do you. Gameplay in 12 is better than 6 can be great when everything clicks. Mowing down enemies one after another all while picking up other guns gives an incredible amount of satisfaction. Unfortunately these moments don’t occur all the time and the low points in 12 is better than 6 can be frustratingly bad. One section of the game had the main character trying to take over a train and I found myself dying again and again because of the tight corridors. It almost got to the point that I had to quit in frustration. Luckily this was only a problem in one of two sections and the rest of the game was mostly frustration free.


12 is better than 6 is a solid game that manages to achieve some highs but is never able to consistently maintain those highs… The story isn’t bad but is largely forgettable. The art style is exquisite and will most likely be one of the main reasons people will be attracted to this game. Combat can be frustrating at times and great at others, but ultimately 12 is better than 6 does have an audience with anyone that likes top down shooters or western settings.


  • amazing art style
  • great combat when it clicks


  • forgettable story
  • frustrating lows