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So… Sega… Why isn’t Sonic 4 Like This?

Oh right, the Sonic cycle, never mind.

Does this Sonic 4 trailer do anything for you?

I missed this video when it released in May. But I heard first-hand accounts from colleagues that the actual game controlled poorly at E3. Too bad Sonic’s past is as checkered as his dirt. It makes it hard for good

Pre-Order Sonic Colors, Get a Sonic Hat!

It’s always cool to get an awesome bonus item whenever you pre-order a great game. Anyone ever get anything really cool? I remember you could get a Maxwell Scribblenauts hat a while back. While these promotional items a good and

Deep blue thoughts

If developers today really cared about the consumer—nay, the gamer—there’d be a 2D NEW Sonic the Hedgehog title on the Wii, complete with mass marketing and viral advertising, akin to what Nintendo did with NEW Super Mario Bros Wii. Just

Sonic racing game leaked by SEGA Europe

Sorry, Tails. My money’s on Sonic. SEGA Europe today revealed Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, a kart racer featuring some of the company’s most popular characters. The game is currently scheduled to release in early 2010 for multiple platforms, Wii