E3 2009

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – E3 2009 Trailer

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IzLzfXCZZM[/youtube] As Reggie put it “…Bowser really does suck…”.

Golden Sun DS – E3 2009 Trailer

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxbzn6uG42I[/youtube] After six long years Golden Sun fans finally have something to jump about.

E3 Exclusive!! Koopa Kids are Back!!

You heard it on Infendo first!!

Pay no attention to the plumber behind the curtain…

Kotaku’s snagged some ninja pics of Nintendo’s E3 booth, and what they reveal lends some credence to the rumor that a certain mascot might be making an appearance at the show today. Mario Sports Super Active Sweatin’ to the Oldies RPG Waggle MotionPlus Party, anyone?

E3: Your Shape camera counts calories, sees you faking those pushups

Looking for the new trend in video game technology? Look at cameras.  Nintendo’s latest hand held revision, the DSi, has a camera.  Microsoft hopes to change the industry with it’s 3D motion tracking “Natal” camera for the Xbox 360 – and fitness games? You guessed it: Camera. According to Ubisoft, the fitness game market has seen more growth in the past year than an...

E3: Ubisoft confirms 1:1 swordplay and motion plus pack in for Red Steel 2

Jason Vandenberghe took the stage at Ubisoft’s E3 Press conference to give us a sneak peek at Red Steel 2, and boy howdy did it come across as positive. “We were the first to jump on the Wii with Red Steel,” Yves Guillemot said earlier in the conference. “…now with Wii Motion Plus, Red Steel 2 will go even further.”

Here’s what Wii and DS owners missed from EA’s presser

The image above just about sums up the content presented from EA to the Nintendo portion of the game market. Yes, Grand Slam Tennis was there, but shouldn’t the “Charm Girls Collection” be shown a bit more privately to investors? I fully expect our Infendo ninjas at E3 to get some hands-on time with these titles. I know you readers are anticipating an article on Pajama Party for Wii!

Nintendo Live Press Conference Time

Hey Infendudes! Just a friendly reminder to set your clocks, watches, beepers [if you still use those], for the following times tomorrow. 12pm – Eastern 11am – Central 10am – Mountain 9am – Pacific I’ll be live blogging the event, so be sure not to miss it! be there or be square… enix.

Infendo’s E3 2009 predictions

Another summer begins thus spawning another E3. For Nintendo fans this event is the super bowl of gaming. Unfortunately our past two E3 experiences have not been quite enjoyable (see “broken wrist”), but as always here at the Infendo headquarters we have faith in a promising press conference that bears some substantial fruit. Here’s what our staff members predict to see from Nintendo at thi...

Pre E3: Natsume Game Line up

Want to find out what Natsume is bringing to the table? Hit the jump to harvest some of that info.

What do you want to see at E3?

E3 is just a couple of week away, and we want to know what you want to see most. If all you’re wildest dreams could come true, what do you hope is announced at the show? Will, Sean, and I will be on site bringing you all the goodies. It will be so awesome, your eyes will burn from overexposure to awesomeness. So let us know!