E3 2009 screenshot collection

Trailers and teasers are great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a good long look at an official high resolution screen grab. Flip through the pages for shots from Galaxy 2, Metroid other M, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Golden Sun DS, and more!



  1. thanks for doing this, makes it a lot easier to look at all in one place

  2. What’s on page 12??

  3. Fixed! 🙂

  4. Unnnnnnnnh….. Prof Layton in August!!!!!!!! Unnnnnnnnnnnnh!!!!

  5. I wish Golden Sun was in 2d like Mario & Luigi. M&L just looks much crisper.

    And yes, Layton. FINALLY!

  6. Awesome pics!

  7. Both Mario games look great, as does Wii Sports Resort. Professor Layton 2 looks awesome, even better than the first one. The fact that it takes place on a train reminds me of the Orient Express. I’m excited about the Golden Sun announcement, but the few shots they’ve shown so far look just OK. It looks like so many of the other RPG’s on DS. Hopefully it’ll be outstanding when it finally does come out.

  8. I have to say… even though Nintendo has a significantly weaker console than the competition the Wii games @ E3 look more visually appealing than what other companies have to offer.

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