Fake alert: This is not the Nintendo 3DS

It was an honest effort to dupe the internet, but this alleged photo of the still-veiled Nintendo 3DS is horribly fake. Notice the perfectly lined shadows and suspect-looking button plastic. Never mind that it looks like a Photoshoper designed it instead of an actual industrial designer. “I think I’ll hold out for the 3DS Lite,” one Kotaku commenter said in jest. Silly fakers. Yo...

Report: Nintendo rushed 3DS announcement so Japanese press couldn’t scoop it

Announcing a new handheld a few days before your next one is scheduled to launch doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Nintendo did with the 3DS last week shortly before releasing the DSi XL. But the uncanny maneuver wasn’t planned, it was forced, reports CNBC. “Apparently, the Japanese press was all over it and talked with suppliers there and Nintendo just wanted to get out ahead by break...

E3 gentlemen’s bet

Who wants to make a gentlemen’s bet? No money, in other words, just pride. The bet: Nintendo 3DS steals E3 this June and garners more hype than Natal and Move, combined.

With nonchalant 3DS reveal, Nintendo gets strange

Alright. The utterly strange Nintendo 3DS reveal has cooled a bit these past few days, but in that sentence lies the rub: Strange.