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Breaking: Pikmin was Wii title now for Wii U

Miyamoto just dropped a bomb. Pikmin was a Wii title but was canned and is now coming to Wii U. Miyamoto wasn’t supposed to talk about it, but he felt like it so he did! Good news for Nintendo fans,

Miyamoto: This is NOT News

So Pikmin 3? Yeah, they’re working on it, but Miyamoto and company stress that this is not the news we should take away from the show today. So, just keep in mind, Pikmin 3 is coming, but it’s not news.

Wait…What’s Left?
Looking Forward to E3

Before the dust settles after this morning’s press event, I am already thinking about E3.  With almost all of Nintendo’s loose ends tied up this morning, that leaves me thinking about what they didn’t tell us: the second half of

Nintendo comments on lack of Pikmin 3 at E3 2009

Miyamoto held a private round table event earlier in which the question of why there was no Pikmin 3 at E3 was brought up? He kindly replied… “I’m sorry. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to expand the team size very