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Mysterious Nintendo 3DS Demo Pod schedule revealed

UPDATE: The pods are now open, anyone check one out yet? And if you have a crippling fear of pods, you can visit one of the roaming Demo Squads listed in this schedule. Besides this weekend’s showing at PAX East

PAX East: Two games that belong on Wii

While touring the PAX East exhibition floor, we had the pleasure of seeing two amazing games destined for much success: Limbo and Puzzle Quest 2. David labeled PQ2 a must buy that’s all but pre-ordered for his DS Lite, while

PAX East: Some things never change

Oh look, people still aren’t playing Deca Sports (said in half-jest, as I don’t have the first game’s sales numbers handy).

PAX East decompression

So who went? What did you think? If you didn’t go, but kept tabs via some other form of online communication…what did you think? Some quick takeaways for me: Awesome show, albeit an overcrowded one that will 100% confirmed be