Super Dodge Ball … DS?

Super Dodge Ball DSIn addition to having my life suddenly become a real live River City Ransom, my other crazy video game-related fantasy of the moment is to see a remastered Super Dodge Ball game drop on my Nintendo DS.

What’s this?! It might? Maybe? DS Fanboy was busy translating an issue of Famitsu and found this:

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that the hot-blooded gang will be returning with another entry to the beloved Super Dodge Ball series, bouncing the game off the back of our heads and onto the DS. Though online support hasn’t been revealed — and we don’t expect it, however perfect the idea might be — developer Arc System Works will include an eight-player free-for-all battle mode, via local download-play.

It’s a good thing there’s no online play, because I would simply cease to be if there was. Mario Strikers Charged is about all I can handle online-wise right now, and a nostalgic kick to the head from an online Super Dodge Ball would knock me over and turn me into a little angel that floats slowly to the top of the screen. Here’s hoping a publisher sails this thing across the Pacific to American shores.

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  1. Derek B. says:

    I just picked up the original Super Dodge Ball for my NES on eBay a few months ago. It is every bit as good as I remembered it being. A new entry into the series would be fantastic…and might end on being on my must-have list for DS games, which is becoming surprisingly short.

  2. jubeikibigami says:

    God, you know how simply unbelievably awesome that would be if they wold remake it for DS? I haven’t played super dodge ball in about 16 years and I remember my brother and i use to spend HOURS on that game cracking up at the facial expressions of guys getting cracked over the skul.

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Super Dodge Ball DS

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