Wii version of Guitar Hero 4 supports ‘Mii Freestyle’ mode


Multiple sources out of the 2008 Leipzig Gaming Convention are confirming a Wii specific mode in Guitar Hero World Tour called ‘Mii Freestyle’. This new mode does not only allow you to play as your Mii avatars, but also utilizes the Wii remote, and nunchuk for Air Drumming, Air Guitar, etc. Details are scarce as we await an official public statement from Activision, but the above image via Kotaku strongly points to some truth in the news leak.

Are the few of you that were getting GH4 on other platforms tempted to purchase the Wii version now? Not only do you get the exact same version, but a whole new built in mode that could potentially add hours upon hours of fun to an already high replay value title.

Poor Miyamoto. The unique air drumming gameplay in Wii Music was the one thing worth a purchase, and now we have this option.

Oh well…


  1. Well, at least in this one we won’t have DJ Ravi Drums.

  2. what this tells us is that, despite the botching and moaning from the usual suspects, the big music-game publishers are taking Wii Music seriously. Now I’m more interested in both.

  3. sounds fun

  4. can’t wait for the rhythm game fad to end.

  5. I can’t wait to play whatever I want on the drums!

  6. i’m getting this game on day 1. i was a little nervous about paying $190 plus $40 for another remote (i only have two and you need three) but my fears have been allayed – it will totally be worth it.

    anyone know if wii gh3 guitars will be compatible with gh4? i hope so…

  7. I wonder how they will form the notes as people play?

    From what I saw at E3, the algorithm for Wii Music sensed how people moved their hands/arms, and then generated sounds from that – that automatically created sound layout, and seemed seamless.

    On the other side, if you do Freestyle Mode on GH4 – when you move your hands/arms everywhere, are you going to get shoddy notes everywhere, or are you going to actually feel like you are playing awesome music, even though you may not be playing all of the notes correctly?

  8. @ benthedorklord: yes wii gh3 guitars will work with gh4. when i get the bundle, (assuming it has one guitar) ill have the full set up – guitar, bass, drums, mic. ill need to get a smaller couch to fit it all in my front room.

  9. IF it works out as everyone seems to think… this will probably be one of the first times a 3rd party crushes a Nintendo game’s concept and makes it better (and on their own console).

    Also, I wonder how much Activision had to do to get permission to use Miis. Need I remind all that Miis are considered by the big N to be important characters/mascots like Mario and co.?

    I hope air guitar and air drums works out well, but I also hope that the insturments are compatible with rockband 2 (to get the full GH bundle with the better drums and all).

  10. @David: Have you forgotten about RB2’s freestyle mode and the ability to play along with your mp3s? I’m just sayin’. >_>

  11. dang, whats with stupid people these days.

    pay attention folks. Nintendos Wii Music is not just an air guitar scoring game.

    Its a teaching game as well as a freestyle game with over 40 instruments.
    It is multiple things, much more then guitar hero. Not that they compete any way since so far Wii Music is not focused as much on licensed music as simply the joy of creating and learning. Its something like Wii Fit in a sense, and guitar hero is not trying to compete with it just by adding a few air instruments to its features.

  12. Jeez, way to swing at straw men, waltermh.

    I don’t see Wii Music as an air guitar scoring game at all. I see it as a goofy messing about with my little cousins game.

  13. Honestly, I think this is covering something…
    I think they’re trying to cover the fact that they cut out something ig in the Wii version by covering it with this.
    Like they did with Brawl:
    “SONIC’S IN BRAWL! *coughmarchrealeasedatecough*”

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