Wii version of Guitar Hero 4 supports ‘Mii Freestyle’ mode

Multiple sources out of the 2008 Leipzig Gaming Convention are confirming a Wii specific mode in Guitar Hero World Tour called ”˜Mii Freestyle’. This new mode does not only allow you to play as your Mii avatars, but also utilizes the Wii remote, and nunchuk for Air Drumming, Air Guitar, etc. Details are scarce as we await an official public statement from Activision, but the above image via Kotaku strongly points to some truth in the news leak.

Are the few of you that were getting GH4 on other platforms tempted to purchase the Wii version now? Not only do you get the exact same version, but a whole new built in mode that could potentially add hours upon hours of fun to an already high replay value title.

Poor Miyamoto. The unique air drumming gameplay in Wii Music was the one thing worth a purchase, and now we have this option.

Oh well”¦