Wii Are Online

wiionline.jpgAccording to Nintendo, 40% of Wii users have gone online. Assuming that the total number of people that bought internet strictly for their Wii (not likely) and/or are “borrowing” their neighbor’s wireless signal (more likely than you’d think) adds up to a generous 5% of Wii owners, this means that at least a third of Wii users have a computer, a router, a broadband internet connection, and a willingness to go online with their console. That demographic is ideal for online gaming.

While probably only a tenth or less of plugged-in Wii users would regularly play online games if they were handled on a per-game basis and quietly tucked away within each game’s title menu with nary a word spoken hence, a focused campaign from Nintendo to connect its Wii users in a centralized service – maybe dress it up extra adorable, smattered with Miis and smarm – could crack the typically-reclusive “casual market” open like an egg. And soon, God willing, most of the world could be shrieking racial epithets into their headsets.

There are about 7.2 million Wii owners out there at the time of this writing (according to Nexgenwars). With over 2.3 million people online via Wii just 6 months after the system’s launch, there exists an enormous opportunity for Nintendo to hit another one out of the park and upset another competitor on their “home turf.” And I’m sure turning such an online experience into dollars is only a matter of specifics, not possibility.

Pokémon Battle Revolution ships to North America on June 25th, and Nintendo will likely base their future online operations here on the success of that title and its online component (because that’s how Nintendo rolls). Make sure you send them the correct message.

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