Wii Accessories – Milking Potential

wiifakezapper.jpgSince launch of the Wii, there has been a good amount of third-party peripherals that have been snuck into the public eye. These range from sports items, cooking utensils, and enough gun devices to create a plastic arsenal. I myself have never been tempted into getting any of them since they just seem very impractical.

Now Nintendo is bringing out three accessories of their own. The WiiFit Balance Board seems to be the best. This could be used in many games to come, and in combination with the Wiimote the options are endless. But, Nintendo is coming out with the Wii Zapper and steering wheel along with the Balance Board. These types of peripherals add almost no functionality to the great controller the Wii has.

So, why is Nintendo making plastic placeholders for the Wiimote when there are other options out there already?