What do you plan to do with your old DS once you get a 3DS?


The 3DS is backwards compatible, so it’s probably going to replace your older system. I think I might keep mine. But what about you? Are you going to give it to a friend? Sell it a GameStop? Trash it? Let’s hear it in the comments!


  1. I will give away my old DS Lite.

  2. My Lite literally is busted (for like a year now) and I’d been putting off replacing it waiting for Nintendo to mention their “next big thing”. So now I guess I have to wait another seven or eight months…. (Not to worry, though, I still play on my wife’s DS regularly, even though it is pink…)

  3. IF Nintendo allows us to link our Club Nintendo account, with our registered DSi purchases, to the 3DS, even if for a small one time fee ($5-10 sounds right due to re-licensing, etc.) then I’ll be selling my DSi so I can get some 3DS games.

  4. Will keep at least 1 DSLite (we have 2) once we upgrade to 3DS; so we can still play our GBA games. (We kept 1 GBA to continue playing the original GB games)

  5. i always keep my old systems, i would feel terrible to give away something that has given me thousands of hours of entertainment. it’s like being married with someone for 60 years only to leave them because someone hits on you ( and no i’m not implying that i’m 60 years old or have had some experience like this happen to me)

  6. I will keep my DS lite for playing my old games for example GBA games and my M3DS

  7. I have an M3 DS Real to go with my Lite, so I won’t be getting rid of it until something similar comes out for the 3DS. It’s hard for me to get rid of old systems. I finally got rid of my PS2 after I came to the realization I hadn’t turned it on in 2 years.

  8. Yep, I gotta keep my buggy old Lite to play GBA games, but my DSi… I’ll probably keep it for multiplayer games, or just to have around.

  9. I’m going to sell mine on eBay. Why anybody would get ripped off trading it into GameStop is beyond me.

  10. I’ll probably keep my DS Lite, I couldn’t get much for it anyway, the hinge is completely broken. Plus, I can’t use my flash card on my DSi, and almost definitely not on the 3DS. The DSi, however, will probably get sold, since it still works and the 3DS will be able to use DSiware.

  11. I’m keeping my DSLite. I seriously don’t see any reason to upgrade. As mentioned above, the DSLite is the latest version that you can still play GBA on.

  12. I will trade my XL in to buy a 3DS

  13. Actually, I forgot that you can’t play GBA games on the 3DS so I will be keeping mine also. It’s the same reason I still have my GBA SP, so I can play original gameboy games.

  14. definitely gonna keep the DS Lite and DSi that I own. Kinda hard to come by a Its A Wonderful World Edition DS Lite I just picked up from a recent trip, especially in North America.

  15. I have a Mario Red Special Edition DS Lite that I will not give away…

  16. I’m all for keeping my old systems for nostalgia, but in this case I may need to trade in my DSi.

  17. First of all, I totally disagree with the above photo. >_< Second of all, I'll probably trade it in at GameStop and get like, $100 off my 3DS. (I just hope I can redownload my games on my DSi to the 3DS :x)

  18. I’m totally keeping my DS Lite. I will use it if I ever get any GBA games and I’m afraid I’ll lose my progress in my DS games if I start using them on the 3DS.

  19. I’m definitely keeping mine considering it’s a limited edition Mario DS lite. Also, I’ll be able to easily trade pokemon between my DS games with two systems

  20. I keep it, always do, since the GB, and I’ve the first DS model, the big silver XD

  21. My DSi is still in perfect condition, and only a year old this month. I’ll definately be trading in to get money off the 3DS.

  22. I’m keeping it of course! I’ve still got them all, even the original old grey mare. I once traded in the first DS when the DS Lite came out, but then had to return to Game Stop and buy ‘er back; can’t do that to such a good old friend!

  23. I still have my original silver DS fat and use it all the time (It’s been on almost constantly since I got Dragon Quest IX). Aside from being all scuffed to hell, it still works like a dream. Though, the charger cord stopped working and I had to get another. But apart from that, it works as well as the day I got it. So yeah, I’m going to keep the little soldier. I don’t like to get rid of my old systems anyway. They were each a very real chapter of my life for at least several years, so I’m nostalgic. In fact, the only system I’ve ever gotten rid of is my Gamecube. I even still have my original Gameboy around somewhere. Not the original gray brick though. I had the clear one from the Play It Loud series. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41-grMK4lWL._SL500_AA300_.jpg The transparency lets me see why the sound is kind of messed up: somehow a staple got into the slits and is resting on the speaker. >w<

  24. And besides, I’ll be able to use it to trade pokemans to myself.

  25. Well, since I can’t sell my gray DS (broken hinge), I’ll probably keep it around… for… I guess the two GBA games I still have. :/ But as Drahken said, it’ll be good for Pokemon!

  26. got an xl so gunna use that for old games besides i use an r4 and it aint gunna work on 3ds
    so thats most of me games unplayable

  27. Me, I still own all my console’s I’ve had, except for N64 and GCN because they were stolen when I let my brother in law borrow them, and a thief broke into their house… And I also don’t have my original DS fat, due to selling it, although I wish I hadn’t, But I still have a GBA, SP, DS Lite, and DSi and plan on keeping and playing them all after I get a 3DS. Except for maybe the original GBA…

  28. I’ll probably keep my DS Lite around, if only for the purpose of trading Pokémons back and forth between versions. It’s rather hard to do that with only one DS.

  29. Keep it as an artefact of an era long past. It’s what I do with all my consoles and handhelds. xD

  30. The hubby and I will each be getting a 3DS when it comes out. The DS Lite will go to our little princess who is already addicted to Mario games and Scribblenauts.

  31. Keeping mine. DSLite is my favorite gaming system to date. My first system was the NES

  32. I’ll keep mine to help import Pokemon onto Black/White, then eBay it. I have an SP for GBA games.

  33. yh i keep all mr handhelds, part from dslite i traded for dsi. but i have all of them still since the brick gameboy, =)

  34. My ds lite is pretty busted but I still love to play on old GBA games (I even have a GBA SP for GB colour games). I am hopingfor a GB Virtual console!WOuldn’t that be amazing?

  35. I will give my DSi to my son. He will give his DS lite to his little brother. The girls will keep the DS lites that they currently have.

  36. I’ll be keeping both my DSLite and my DSiXL. The Lite has my R4, and given how many POS games are out there I feel it’s necessary to try before I buy. Also, the GBA slot is important to my Pokémon. 😛 As far as my XL is concerned, the screens are way bigger than the 3DS and when Pokémon Black/White come out I want my ‘mons as big as possible. 🙂

  37. I’d say I’ll hand my DS Lite over to one of my daughters, just like I did with my original DS Phats… except, I don’t think my Lite will last that long! For some reason the DS Lite has proven to be too brittle and far less durable than its predecessor the original DS. I already had to replace my original DS Lite with another one, and it doesn’t look like this new one is going to survive until the 3DS comes out (unless by some miracle the 3DS hits the stores in less than four months!! What’s the verdict on that??)

  38. Keeping my DS Lite and DSi. I like to keep them on hand in case a friend comes over who doesn’t have a DS. MULTIPLAYER MADNESS!

  39. I am hoping that the DS and 3DS can talk to each other so I can start making pokemon trades on my own when there is no one to help me out. I have my original gameboy, gameboy pocket and gameboy advance still in boxes, no reason to get rid of the DS either.

  40. I kept my old DS when I got a DS lite, so yeah, I’m keeping it.

  41. I’ll still be using mine for GBA games just because it’s not as cramped a handheld as the GBA SP. Plus I prefer the back lighting of the DSlite over the front lighting of the GBA.

    Not only that, it would be a little more useful for Pokemon than the 3DS just because of having pokemons from the GBA titles to transfer to the DS pokemon games.

  42. I have a ds lite that I play GBA games on and a dsi XL that I play ds games on…. so I dont think I’ll be getting rid of any of them.

  43. my 15 year old brother loves taking stuff apart to see what is in it and then put it together and do tests and whatnot with it. Ill give my bro my dsi and I get 3ds. yup

  44. I’ll trade it (DSi) in for some of the 3DS, then i will go out and get a ds lite.

  45. I’m gonna keep my DSi rather then trade it in for a little bit of money so right now i’m saving up pennies, quarters, dimes and nickels to afford the 3DS.

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