What are you playing this weekend?

Lack of exciting incoming Nintendo-related news coupled with half the world in an iced over blizzard make these lazy weekends a perfect time to finish up a few RPGs, play a little Rock Band, or maybe rent some titles you have yet to try out. Tell the Infendo community your plans in the comments.

Have fun. Be safe. 1up!


  1. Let’s see… on my DS I’m continuing with Etrian Odyssey, but I’m also going to fire up some Big Bang Mini whenever I have three minutes to kill. I’m also returning to Yggdra Union on my GBA…

    On the consoles I’m really enjoying Halo Wars, plus I’m still in love with Mirror’s Edge… I will probably start Persona 4 on the PS2 if I get enough time, but I doubt it.

    Big plans as usual, but I probably will end up playing something completely different (just as usual).

  2. This weekend I’ll probably playing Animal Crossing. I’ve been without interwebs for a few days now and the family (who live in a different country) want to catch up over WiiSpeak so will be doing that.
    But I have also bought a new 32″ HD TV too so want to try out Metroid Prime 3 on it, but don’t want to get to engrossed as I have just purchased component cables so waiting for them to arrive.

    Although I do have a HDMI cable so might try out some big wide screen left4dead

  3. I really should finish The World Ends With you, but that screenshot of A Link to the Past is tempting me. I know the game well enough that I could beat it in a day. However, I may just end up playing through Super Metroid for the 20th time.

  4. Like Juja that screenshot is very tempting… buut aside fromt hat, I haven’t gotten very far into FF4 yet so I’ll probably have a go at that, also I’ve kinda gone back to Warhawk on my PS3 so I’ll likely be on that as some point too. The Kilzone 2 Demo has been downloading for hours now so I have no idea when that’ll be finished, when it has I’ll be playing that.

  5. I jump to get high.

    I’ll probably continue Megaman Zerker vs. Ninja and hopefully more Team Fortress 2 in search of unlocking Natascha (just 2 more achievements to go but they seem the hardest to get for me.)

  6. rygar wii and spooky manor.

  7. I’ll probaly play some Animal Crossing, since I just (and finally) got it, and some Guitar Hero.

  8. Yeah, I have to get back into Animal Crossing. My townsfolk will be complaining that I haven’t been around for two weeks.

    Also on my plate is some quality time with High Voltage Hot Rod Show so I can tell you all about it on the next Infendo Radio!

  9. I’m finishing up Pokemon XD that I borrowed from my friend to round out my Diamond pokedex. 442 out of 493, 51 to go!

  10. I am playing Order of Ecclesia, my word coach, and Desgae DS… My Wii just got broke so I will send it off to Nintendo and hope they have it fixed by the time the Conduit ships!! I dream of that game and also have it paid off/ reserved! : ) Before my wii got broke I would be playing Resident evil 4 zombie survival mode.

  11. Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment beta 2.5

  12. Gosh, I dunno. I’m currently playing Fallout 3 on the Xbox 360, though I admit that game is way overrated and very repetitive. I might go trolling through the Wii Shop Channel to find something old/good to play. Hooked up my N64 last night and was playing Mischief Makers (meh).

    So…yeah. I haven’t decided what I’ll be playing this weekend.

  13. “lack of exciting mintedo related news…”

    what about deadly creatures AND house of death overkill??
    they look so fun!!!

    and got a 8.0 and 8.3 respectivly

  14. More Mario Kart online and maybe some more Zak and Wiki, a game I’ve had for over a year but never actually played until recently.

  15. Fallout 3, Mario Galaxy, COD:MW

  16. gta4

    i’d be further in the story if i didn’t spend so much time just being a schmuck to citizens and cops.

  17. Gonna try to hunt down Tenchu 4.

  18. I’m going to catch up on some Animal Crossing, a little Wii Fit, and maybe go shopping for a new RPG. I recently finished Super Mario RPG and I must say that I did not find it as entertaining as everyone had led me to believe (esp. vc-reviews.com). Should be a nice relaxing weekend 🙂

  19. I started playing Need for Speed Carbon this last night and expect to play it throughout the weekend. I recently bought this and the GT Pro Series racing for Wii. I want to get into using the Wii wheel on other racing games.

  20. Bully for Wii, Rock Band 2, and Animal Crossing.

  21. WII



  22. Been going around playing House of the Dead 2/3 (No thanks to Overkill hype), Secret of Mana (VC), and going back to Team Fortress 2 in waits for the Scout update.

  23. Pokemon Pearl