Top five software sales for Wii and DS as of November 2008

The indefinite counting of sales has arrived as we approach the Wii’s second birthday. Everyone’s favorite white waggle machine has sold a whopping 35 million units since releasing November 19th, 2006. Nintendo’s handheld unit has also outdone itself by clocking in at a plump 85 million units. Here’s the top five best selling titles for each platform…(Numbers taken from VGchartz.)

Wii Sports – 31 Million
Wii Play ”“ 16 Million
Wii Fit ”“ 9 Million
Mario Kart Wii ”“ 9 Million
Super Smash Bros Brawl ”“ 7 Million

Nintendogs – 20 Million
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl ”“ 16 Million
New Super Mario Brothers ”“ 16 Million
Brain Training ”“ 14 Million
More Brain Training ”“ 12 Million

Outstanding! Wii Sports is a mere 10 million units away from surpassing the original Super Mario Brothers. Recession, or no recession…granny isn’t setting the Wii remote down just yet.