Top 5 developers who should be working on Nintendo consoles


mariohand495We’ve all imagined our favorite non-Nintendo developer releasing a hit title on a Nintendo home console/handheld. What development studio would you want to see? Here’s our list of the top five developers that should be pumping out software on the current generation of Nintendo consoles.



  1. great article.
    a Blizzard game on the DS is a gold mine. Any one of their top down games would fit perfect. And the only way I’d ever play a team ICO game is if it were on a Nintendo console.

  2. I got to disagree with you on Blizzard. I can’t really see them working on a non PC title but for some reason nintendo (at least this generation) is the last console/handheld I could see a game coming from them on; it just doesn’t seem to fit for me.

    But anyone else think Portal should have been on the Wii?

  3. I totally agree about Team Ico and to a lesser extent Valve (though I doubt that’d ever happen, they can barely get pc games out in a timely fashion). All the others get a resounding meh.

  4. Well if not these developers then who? Why not give your ideas? I liked this article alot.

  5. Blizzard tried out Nintendo before. They released Starcraft 64 back in the day. It needed that darn memory expansion thing, which means I never got to play the extra mission that came with the N64 version.

    Hmmm, rom time? 😉

  6. @Paul: Don’t forget Rock n’ Roll racing and Blackthorne/Blackhawk on SNES! They were called Silicon&Synapse back in those days! 😉

  7. It isn’t quite accurate to imply that Blizzard has never really worked on anything besides the PC. They have made several console games in the past. The very first game they made, that I know of, was RPM Racing for the SNES. They made several more games that were on consoles too. The Lost Vikings games, Rock N’Roll Racing, Blackthorne, The Death and Return of Superman, and Shanghai II: Dragon’s Eye. Warcraft II and Diablo were ported to the Playstation, and Starcraft was ported to the N64. Then there is Starcraft Ghost floating out in limbo somewhere.

  8. While the fits are logical, I think if we were to apply this to real world scenarios, it’s a bit unfair to include 1st party groups like Team Ico and Rare.

    Moreover, I’m more bemused by the lack of Japanese devs on the list, who are shunning Nintendo platforms, particularly the Wii.

    To this end, I’d Nominate:
    Q Entertainment
    Koei (Tecmo don’t count)
    The 90% of Square that counts

    In the West, I’d nominate:
    ID Software
    Rockstar North
    Infinity Ward
    in addition to those already mentioned

  9. This top 5 centers around the modern consoles…thus “current generation”.

    All of these devs, minus valve and team ico, have popped something onto nes, snes, or n64.

  10. Oh and btw, ID software is owned by Bethesda.

    I too would like to see Dice, but the Battlefield franchise is already struggling on rival consoles which doesn’t make Wii a likely market.

  11. milti-page = not reading = revenue lost

    get the clue guys

  12. I disagree with Bethesda – but let’s let them surprise us. But I’ll not jump on board untill I hear some solid reviews saying their games is bug-free, one thing they are not famous about…


  13. Agreed, especially Valve and Team Ico would be awesome additions.

    I’d also like to see BioWare more involved than they are – I think they’ve only done a Sonic DS rpg… let’s see something on Wii!

  14. Yeah, I’d love to see Valve on the Wii, but I doubt that would ever happen. They’ve always stood as a PC gaming company, and have always poured most of their efforts into their PC products (compare the Orange Box on the 360 with the Orange Box on the PC for example). Still, if they wanted to, they could; Source is a VERY scalable engine that could easily run on the Wii if they tweaked it right. Alas I doubt I’ll ever be playing TF2 or Portal on the Wii. It does make a nice dream however.

  15. My Top 5
    5.Infinity Ward
    4.Team Ico
    3.Rockstar North
    1.Kojima Productions (!)

  16. Insomniac. Ratchet and Clank would be great on the Wii. Not to mention a lot of people would love a shooter like Resistance.

  17. Jake, id and Bethesda are owned by the same parent company, but are completely separate entities. Bethesda doesn’t own id, ZeniMax does. (This may seem like splitting hairs, but the essential point is that getting one doesn’t mean getting the other, so wanting id on that list makes sense.)

    Personally I don’t think there’s a particular need to see any big name established companies to make a game for the Wii that aren’t already doing it. Seeing what we get from new game companies or divisions springing up centered around Wii development is a lot more interesting than people I’m familar with in other venues throwing their hat in the ring, in my opinion of course.

  18. Really? No Bungie??

    I’d like to see Bungie make a DS version of the first Halo game! With online fraggin’!!

  19. Me, I’m taking donations i have plenty of games in plan on paper i also have some 3d models also 🙁 why won’t nobody let me in, ($$$$)

  20. @ Eolirin

    Ah, thanks for clearing that one up. Read the PR title yesterday, but didn’t go into details.

  21. Never owned a PS2, however, I would buy one in a second if i could get my hands on Ico and Shadows of the Colossus. You just can’t find these games.

    I tell you how sony could sell me a PS3, they could include Ico and SOTC when they release the Last Guardian!

  22. Very well written feature. It was short enough you never looked at it and said “dang I won’t read all of that” but got the point on why you think each developer should be working on the Wii.

    I would agree most with Ico, they seem like a team that makes games Taylored for the Wii.

    Personally I want Rare back so they can make a new Star Fox (yes podcast crew, I’m THAT guy). But aren’t they under contract with Microsoft until the coming of the four horsemen?

    Bethesda and Valve will never do the Wii. They are too full of themselves to make games for the system with the biggest install base.

  23. @ Adaniel

    Hey, I bought Colossus yesterday and it is REALLY easy to find. Basically every gamestop i’ve ever been to has a copy lying around. Then again, you might now have any gamestops around… which is a much different problem.

  24. I think all of these developers, save Team Ico, could potentially end up working on Nintendo consoles in the future, though some are more iffy than others. In any case, all of them are top-notch studios.

    Personally, I’d like to see BioWare (Mass Effect, Jade Empire) create a Wii game. I know they’ve developed a DS game before (Sonic RPG, to mixed reviews), but just imagine what they could do with the Wii. *imagines*

  25. Wow…no Rareware? I remember the good old times when Rare worked for Nintedno until Microsoft bought Rare and switched, we would’ve had on VC
    Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and all those other great classics they had

  26. I’d like to see Bungie. And not necessarily for a Halo game. They make quality stuff. I’d like to see them stretch a bit, creatively. And the best place to do it is on the Wii.

    I’d also love to see the guys doing BlazBlue (ARC) and KOF XII (SNK, I dont know the dev team) work some magic on Wii. They do fantastic 2D art and excellent gameplay. The Wii is the perfect spot for these types of games.

    I’d also like to see Project Soul do something NOT SHITTY on the Wii. SC legends was a monster of a disappointment (then again, the whole SC series started fermenting after II…) and I’m sure they could craft a great Wii fighter.

    I’d also like to see MORE from Headstrong (Overkill 2, please?) and Team Ninja (DOA Wii? Ninja Gaiden Wii?)

  27. @ InvisibleMan:

    A DS Halo was actually in the works for some time under Bungie’s wing, but of course it was never released.

  28. Is Rare being under contract with Microsoft the reason they haven’t released a new Star Fox? My hate for Microsoft just doubled. Ico was hard and kinda unnerving. Same with SOTC.

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