Top 10 Wii Software Sales for the First 20 Months


Top 10Our little Wii console has finally reached 20 months old! It’s been a long 20 months filled with endless shovelware, low hardware supply, and cheap plastic peripherals, but the waggle machine made it with a staggering 28 million units sold. What kept sales going? Highly polished gems like Carnival Games, Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Fit, etc.. Take a look below for the top ten games with the most sales during the Wii’s first 20 months of life.

(Note: Wii Sports is excluded from this list. 25 million worldwide.)

1) Wii Play – 13.26 Million Worldwide

Wii play

Does it really count? Yup. No one gets this for the extra remote. I pitched mine and booted up Wii Play for some heated matches of “Hook the Fish”. Two-dimensional fishing not grabbing your attention? How about an intense round of “Find the Mii”? Strap that wrist strap on and get ready to spend hours after hours hunting for your Mii avatar in a crowd! Too much fun. If there has ever been a title that screams ‘Game of the Year’ it’s Wii Play. *sarcasm*


2) Super Mario Galaxy – 6.72 Million Worldwide


As I wade through an endless wave of crappy Wii games it’s always encouraging to see a title like Super Mario Galaxy sit at the top of the charts. Not only is Galaxy winner of several 2007 awards, but a revolutionary Miyamoto masterpiece that sets a standard in platforming design. Get it!


3) Mario Kart Wii – 6.04 Million Worldwide

Mario Kart Wii

The latest installment in the Mario Kart series has already climbed over 6 million disks sold despite being released only 3 months ago. Defined as one of Nintendo’s “Bridge games” it’s not difficult to comprehend the massive sales which are fuel by both the new and old kart racers. The included Wii Wheel peripheral assisted with a strong hand in sales as well as a clean, efficient online mode.


4) Super Smash Brothers Brawl – 5.97 Million Worldwide


What do you get when you take almost every major Nintendo IP, throw them in a fighting game, and add enough retro nostalgia to wet your pants? A big pile of money! Brawl is quickly catching up to the Gamecube best selling title, Super Smash Bros Melee (7Million). Though the online quality still sucks, Brawl has enough replay value to give it some serious legs for future sales.


5) Mario Party 8 – 5.35 Million Worldwide

MP 8

For a rushed party game, Mario Party 8 has sold amazingly well. Though the graphical interface, and motion controls are dated, Mario Party’s core gameplay is still deeply built into the game.


6) Wii Fit – 5.24 Million Worldwide

Wii Fit

Nintendo’s next step in world domination has finally hit 5 million units. Wii Fit takes the already revolutionized Wii console to the max with the awesomely precise Balance Board. This is the type of stuff Miyamoto thinks up in his sleep.


7) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – 4.90 Million Worldwide

Zelda TP

It’s great to see Twilight Princess holding up in the top ten, but shouldn’t sales be higher? Twilight Princess is one beast of a game. Large enough to have a 3 year development cycle, and a full budget. Throw in an additional 1.5 million for the Gamecube version, and it gives the games total sales a brighter look. Honestly, if you’re a Zelda fan without this game…get it!

8) Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games – 4.68 Million Worldwide

Mario an Sonic at OG

Wrap two of the biggest franchises in video game history with Wii sports-like minigames for instant success. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is a joint project between Sega, and Nintendo which is why the number four has six zeros after it. The final game was average. Nothing great, but a hit nonetheless.


9) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – 2.90 Million Worldwide


RedOctane’s first Guitar Hero title on a Nintendo platform has proved the simple fact that Wii owners love peripherals, and rhythm games. Guitar Hero III has had strong sales since day one, and pushed RedOctane to keep the Wii as one of their premier platforms to debut new versions.


10) Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree – 2.48 Million Worldwide

Big Brain A

Squeezing just ahead of Super Paper Mario for the number 10 spot is none other than Big Brain Academy. It’s not your ordinary game, but has proved to be just as successful as the rest of the DS series. Why? Because who doesn’t want to play memory games with the Wii remote? Exactly!


There you have it. A sales chart made up of almost all first party titles. Nothing surprising, but hopefully charts like the one above will give third parties a much needed kick in the pants to get there act together. Examples can be seen with upcoming games like The Conduit, and Call of Duty World at War which are pushing not only the much needed graphical front, but the over all high quality developer mind set.

What new titles will be in the top 10 when the Wii turns 40 months old?

Sales Numbers via VGChartz


  1. Wow! I was hoping that Metroid Prime 3 would get a crack at this list. Did it not even move 2 million units? I don’t want to see my favorite franchise put to rest.

  2. I was surprised by a few things on the list. Super Paper Mario would have made a much better spot on #10 or higher in my opinion. Glad to see Mario and Sonic holding up well, though.

  3. ^ Totally, but I can’t control the sales 🙂

  4. *Sigh* I would have loved to see Metroid Prime 3 on this list. It’s a shame, too, because that game really is a masterpiece. It’s so hard to believe that Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (which was below average if you ask me) beat Metroid out. *sigh again*

    I also hate that Wii Play is even close to this list. The fact that it tops the list disgusts me. Really, couldn’t the Wii Remote have been bundled with a better effort?

    Also, this may sound stupid, but if Wii Play counts, doesn’t Wii Sports? It’s still a game (it’s even better than Wii Play, in fact). I guess you’re kind of forced into buying Wii Sports here in the U.S., though, so I guess it doesn’t count when you don’t have a choice. But whatever.

    It’s hard for me to say what games will be on this list when Wii hits 40 months old because you can really never expect what Nintendo is going to do next. But that’s the fun of it.

  5. There seems to be quite a bit of distress over a title like Metroid Prime 3, which is indeed a game of superb quality, making it onto this list. However, this is not a list of the top ten “best” games on Wii, but the top ten best selling games on Wii. A masterpiece may be considered as such because there is someone who loves it enough to bestow that title upon it. Love is a strong word. Think of it in terms of human relationships. How many members of the opposite sex, or same if you prefer, do you think exist in the world that could potentially love you. There may be many that could come to like you, but the number that could love you would be far lower. A person may love another person, a game, movie, or whatever else because they have the specific tastes to appreciate the unique qualities of the item in question to the fullest. However, for each person that loves something there will almost certainly be another who hates it. Two sides of the coin and all. Making a game that many will like will sell more than a game that some will love. As games come to be more and more mainstream, and I mean truly mainstream, the more games that will push even a title like Zelda far from this list. Doesn’t mean Zelda won’t be selling, but when we reach the point where games are played by more people than not, a Zelda game selling even 10 million copies will be a mere drop in the ocean.

  6. I only paid $12 (including shipping) for my copy of Wii Play. It sucks, hard. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit around and watch people bash Tanks!, the game is a gem.

  7. yup- this is why the wii audience is still a question mark. halo3 sells over 8 million to 19.5 million consoles. But Mario Galaxy sells 6.7 million with 28 million consoles. (and wiiplay sells over 13?)

    yeah yeah imperfect analogy and all that- but i think it’s illustrative. Just who are these consumers… and what games do they want??? if not mario then WHAT???

    i think they want games with simple intuitive uses for the controls, and games that essentially are minigame compilations. But that we wont see wiiplay’s success again due to no bundling and more competition. so, minigames + 2 big mascots = big sales for a 67% metacritic rated game (8.4 user scores- hmmmmmm). it’s a bit telling.

  8. xav brings up a great point about sales != game quality. I mean, look a Psychonauts. What happened to such a gem was a crime against nature!

    Incidentally, did anybody else bust out laughing at seeing “polished gem” and “Carnival Games” in the same sentence?

  9. 1. If you think the Wii’s library is so full of shovelware and cheap plastic peripherals (such as…?), why the hell, may I ask, are you contributing to a Nintendo blog?

    2. Let the word “waggle” DIE. It was clever during the first three or four months of the Wii’s existence, but I think most sane people are starting to get annoyed by it. The Wii isn’t a “waggle” machine; it’s the leading console, and many of the games really don’t rely heavily on motion controls.

  10. Soup: Not me. I actually liked Carnival Games. I’m not above simple mini-game experiences so long as I can get some quick and easy fun out of it. And judging by the game’s sales, I’m not the only one.

  11. The Wii is a failure. Duh.

  12. Know what’s sad? A Wii GH3 screenshot CANNOT look that good. 😛



  14. Oh darn…I really thought Ninjabread Man or Chicken Shoot would make the top 10.

  15. @Paul
    I REALLY hope you’re kidding.

  16. I personally expected Twilight princess to be higher than #7.I dont know how long i waited play it.To me, twilight princess is a staple in the Zelda fan’s collection,along with windwaker ,and ocarina.