The worst 1,000 Wii points you’ll ever spend: SPOGS

blah!I can only hope you read this before you jumped on the Wii shop channel to download the latest Wiiware title, SPOGS. To be blunt…this game is bad. Really bad. So bad that the Infendo staff was a little scared to download this title for a review. Unfortunately I took the bait. IGN’s review nicely sums up my experience with SPOGS.

This is as bad as it gets. SPOGS Racing is ugly, boring, and sports some of the worst racing AI ever. It’s an absolute joke that D2C is charging money for this. SPOGS looks like someone’s first go at homebrew developing.

Read the entire review to see one of the lowest scores ever given to a “game” at IGN. Please don’t buy this! I don’t even want to write about this game anymore. Blah!

Any readers get suckered into this deal?