The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – E3 2009 Trailer

One title that wasn’t talked about much durring the conference.  Look forward to our hands-on impressions in the coming days.


  1. It looks really similar to Phantom Hourglass, except with a train instead of a boat. As long as they don’t have a dungeon you have to repeat eight times to beat the game, I’m okay with that.

  2. I’m so torn about this game: Phantom Hourglass was so much fun, despite me never finishing it (I have kids, okay? Can you blame me? heh). The boat from Wind Waker and P.H. made the game feel very fun and adventurous, and a train…well, it rides on tracks.

    The footage of link using the decoy, on the other hand, really has me wanting to try it out! I’ll wait for some reviews.

  3. Yes, the whip thingy looks really cool. Phantom Hourglass was a pre-order for me when it came out. With this, I think I’ll wait for the reviews first and a possible price drop. I’m just not that excited but I sure will want to play it.

  4. I’m digging the music

  5. I just finished Phantom Hourglass this weekend… it was a pretty good game except revisting the same temple 5 times throughout the game. If Spirit Tracks can avoid doing that I’ll be interested. I really like the art style and the gameplay was a lot of fun for a DS game.