The Conduit to utilize Wii Motion Plus

PAX 2008 has officially hit the west coast. As mentioned a few weeks back, High Voltage Software is planning on taking full advantage of the public event by showcasing the newest build of The Conduit. Though the demo shown is old news, Gamespot UK managed to squeeze the following bit of unexpected news out of the team.

High Voltage does plan to support Wii Motion Plus add-on so we will have to see later how that will work.

Nice! I’ve said it time and time again…High Voltage Software earns an applause from Wii owners due to their firm development dedication. You have these amazing devs like High Voltage who will implement a piece of hardware announced just a mere seven weeks ago. On the flip side you have AAA publishers such as Lucasarts who will complain about not knowing any info on Motion Plus, and fail to use the device in software that would truly enhance the gameplay.

More details on this news coming soon.