Super Mario Galaxy preorders hit 700k…in Japan?!


galaxyThat’s right. The highly anticipated, Super Mario Galaxy, has reached 700,000 preorders in Japan alone. Preorders in Japan started not to long ago, which makes the number even more impressive. This information comes from Crown Jewel Blog, a respected Japanese blog that covers just about every genre of entertainment. A very rough translation of the article spills the info…

…As for the number of incoming orders of Wii “[mariogiyarakushi]” where now sale is planned in end of the month
It became the successive highest approximately 700,000 book as the title for Wii….

This surprising number of preorders really shows what Japanese gamers want, though after watching Galaxy’s prologue…you understand why. I’m not sure what the current numbers are for the US or Europe, but I’m sure it’s growing. Just one more month!

Do you think Galaxy will overtake Halo 3’s record breaking preorders/sales?



  1. ;p Watch all the Halo-elites say it means nothing.

  2. halo-elites are all playing halo. they really don’t care about mario preorders.

    and, lol, the limiting factor here probably isn’t the number of discs that get stamped. it’s the number of wii’s that were available for japan. hahahahahaha. i find that hilarious.

    now… back to the Forge….

  3. No question.

    – Halo 3 brought in $300mil in first week. (approximately $60 per = 5mil)
    *NOTE* Only about 2.7 million played online. WHO CARES. It is as an online FPS.

    Mario Galaxy on the other hand doesn’t need online.

    – The Wii console, worldwide (about 12mil), outnumbering the 360. Mario Galaxy at $50 would need to sell 50% (6mil) worldwide to tie Halo 3. I belive that Mario Galaxy is another ‘killer app’, just as Wii Sports. (My prediction) I believe that we will see closer to 75% of the Wii owners purchasing Mario Galaxy.

    Are you ONE of the 9 MILLION? I will be.

  4. for starters, you can’t call Wii Sports a Killer App in the same rights as a game NOT bundled with every single system from the start. It’s an Unfair comparison as it is a forced (even if you want it) purchase.

    The Wii has YET to have A killer App greater than The Twilight Princess…. which I think holds the record for sales to console rates… but this is something that I am unsure of.

  5. I should have explained my choice of words.

    “Killer app” to me just means that it is a ‘must-have’ for the system. (Here in Japan, Wii Sports has never been bundled with the system.) It requires a separate purchase.

  6. According to some GameStop stores, SMG has hit 400,000 pre-orders in the U.S.

  7. Official Japanese site is up at

  8. Preordered 2 copies of Super mario Galaxy, german release date November 16th (if got it right).

    Still a long way to go till November and so much games to play till then (just finished RE4, am playing Paper Mario now, but Metroid will be released on October 26th in Germany).

    I need a vacation…

  9. “Do you think Galaxy will overtake Halo 3’s record breaking preorders/sales?” Answer — N O . But, It might be close.

    “halo-elites are ALL playing halo. they really DON’T CARE about Mario preorders.” Answer— W R O N G . I absolutely can not WAIT for Mario on the Wii. This game looks to take SM64 to the next level of visuals and all new controls. And I am, by no means, alone.

    “*NOTE* ONLY about 2.7 million played online. WHO CARES. It is as an online FPS” Comment — O N L Y 2.7 ? on the FIRST Weekend it came out? LOL !!!!! How many Metroid Prime 3 games have SOLD in total again?

    Super Mario Galaxy could very well be the game of the Year ! I can not wait!
    But GIVE IT A REST fan BOYS!!! There are millions of ” gamers” out there who LOVE both Mario AND Halo.

    It is NOT ” us” VS “Them” , no matter how hard the fan BOYS try.

    enjoy all games.

    I know I WILL !

    Go Mario !

  10. Agreed, Wii Wii. I really don’t see Mario Pre-Orders topping Halos, based on the total sales numbers of Halo 2 compared to Super Mario Sunshine. The American audience really loves their FPSes. (which, according to my q&d research puts Halo 2 around 6.5 million, and Sunshine around 5.5 million)

    Still, I’m really looking forward to this game very very much regardless of how many pre-orders it gets. I never pre-order games, so I won’t be contributing to the total numbers, unfortunately.

  11. Here in the US? No way will Galaxy reach Halo 3’s preorder rates, probably won’t really be that close. In fact, based on buzz here at least, I would say Brawl has a better chance of coming close to Halo 3’s rates than Galaxy. But I doubt that will happen either.

    Doesn’t really matter though does it? I agree with Wii Wii on this, some people need to realize some of us love ALL the video game systems, even the troubled PS3. I own all 3 next gen consoles and both portables, and I realized not everyone can do this, but even last gen when I only had the GC for a good while, I didn’t “hate” on any other platform. I know all consoles have fanboys, but the Nintendo fan boy is an interesting breed indeed, because you seem perplexed. On one had you claim that Nintendo is different and can’t really be compared with the other guys (which I agree with), but then you turn around and seem obsessed with doing just that.

    Go preorder Galaxy and love it, if you don’t like Halo 3, then ignore it. Me, I have Halo 3 and I’m pretty over it already, and I’m looking forward to Galaxy very much.

  12. Well said, RE. You and I are of the same mind on this.

  13. Mario, as compared to Halo in this case — initial pre-orders and day one sales — is a Long Tail game. It will not outsell Halo 3 on day one. On day 100, however, watch out.

    Whereas Halo 3 is a flash in the pan (it won’t be selling many copies at all in a month or two, after the holiday), Mario Galaxy is one of those games that will probably sell consistently for the next year. If we’re asking the hypothetical “most sold all time” question then yes, Mario Galaxy beats Halo 3 fairly easily.

  14. “(it won’t be selling many copies at all in a month or two, after the holiday)”

    I’d like to see you back that argument up. Halo 2 had some pretty long legs. I still see Halo 1 next to Mario Sunshine on the discount rack at Target.

  15. Mario Galaxy doesn’t excite me very much, but it will definitely sell like hotcakes. Does this mean it could overtake Halo in preorder numbers or opening sales? No, because of two reasons:

    1. XBox 360 marketing is (typically) different than what you see for the Wii. Nintendo might put a little bit more effort into building hype for their flagship game, but nothing they do will compare to the unbelievable Halo 3 campaigns.

    2. The Wii install base may be larger than the XBox 360 crowd, but it is also much more casual. How many Wii owners don’t even realize that Mario Galaxy is about to be released? How many purchased their console solely for Wii Sports, and won’t give two twits about an upcoming platform game? These numbers are hard to estimate, but will reduce the number of preorders/early sales.

    Personally, I believe that Mario Galaxy will outsell Halo 3 over time — just not in the first couple of months. Microsoft’s hype machine is unbeatable, and placing that hype behind a system-selling juggernaut like Halo 3 has brought in a huge return.

  16. My prediction:
    Japan- Mario >>> Halo
    North America- Mario

  17. Dang… you guys beat me to it once again.

    I agree with Jack that Galaxy will eventually outsell Halo 3 (although that’s really just a silly guessing game at this point). My guess is based on market share and continued sales numbers – a top-notch Wii game just has more potential buyers than a 360 game.

    However, I definitely disagree that Halo 3 is a “flash in the pan”. Sales will slow down (if only because a huge percentage of XBox owners will already own the game) but Halo 3 will continue to sell as long as people are buying the 360.

    @Andrew: Is basing estimates for these games on the Halo 2/Mario Sunshine comparison really useful? Galaxy sounds like a large departure from Sunshine, and the market is quite different now than it was with GameCube/XBox.

    @RE: Good comment. Sometimes it really does feel like people are obsessed with comparing apples to oranges, with kumquats thrown in for good measure.

  18. How many units did the NEW Super Mario Bros. shift? I don’t recall, exactly…

    To a lot of people earlier: I think it’s very fair to call Wii Sports a ‘killer app,’ or at absolute least, it’s unfair to say it isn’t simply because it was packed in. Remember, in Japan, it wasn’t. And it sold like hot cakes. That were free.

    That being said, I feel that it’ll eventually outsell Halo 3, but not initially. My reasoning is that everyone in Japan who’s bought Halo 3 (or most of them at least) has done so. About 75% of Americans planning on buying it have already done so. With Mario, you have that timeless classic aspect, meaning it will continually shift units.

  19. I think Jack is pretty close to something on this one with his last comment. It’s going to be fairly difficult for Galaxy to surpass Halo, but not impossible. And remember, the $300 million figure isn’t a fair comparison against a game that’ll cost $10-50 less. I don’t think Nintendo will be splurging and releasing the Super Mario Galaxy Legendary set or something for $130 a pop. The strongest feature of Halo is it’s marketing, not anything to do with the game itself. Mario Galaxy is definitely going to be a mesmerizing success, and could very well be the new benchmark in platformer action, just like Mario 64 was.

    Beyond beating Halo, I kinda like to think what all this means for sony (intentionally left lower-case). They are having some temporary success with the PSP at the moment thanks to a freakin’ rehash port of a 10 year old game (the only good thing to come out of FF7 was Sepheroth….), but the PSP is simply incapable of making the money to compensate for the epic failure of the PS3 and things like Galaxy and Brawl just aren’t going to leave room for any mercy…..

    This is going to be a very interesting holiday season, to say the least.

  20. Do you think Galaxy will overtake Halo 3’s record breaking preorders/sales?

    No. But who cares about sales? Ten years from now, we will still be talking about how awesome and ground-breaking Mario Galaxy was, while the only thing we will be saying about Halo 3 is how well it sold…

  21. “Fan-boy”…I am not. 360 fan…No. FPS fan…not since Goldeye on the N64. All of the ‘new’ FPSes are Halo or something Medal of Honorish. Shapes of the guns and updates in graphics are all that change.

    I could correct my previous comments but I will state like some have also pointed out in the comments. Halo 3 will fade much quicker than Mario Galaxy.

  22. “Halo 3 will fade much quicker than Mario Galaxy.”

    And I ask you again, what evidence is there to support this? I’ve seen plenty of evidence that Halo 2 has remained in the public’s mind longer than Super Mario Sunshine. This is primarily due to a strong multiplayer component which has very good replay value.

    I simply don’t see evidence that Halo 3 is going to become an afterthought once 2008 begins.

  23. ejamer stated…”Galaxy sounds like a large departure from Sunshine, and the market is quite different now than it was with GameCube/XBox.”

    True…how true. Halo 1, 2 and 3 are a lot of the same players.

    Mario Galaxy will be for some of the ‘Sunshine’ players and many more ‘beginners’ that the Wii has brought to games.

    From my perspective, I don’t have any plans in the future to pay to play online. Which pretty much means…no XBox Live. I have also never been into PC games/shooters/etc.

  24. Well, we can all agree on one thing. It will be a great race !
    And, competition is ALWAYS good for the consumer.

    Andrew-MG is absolutely correct when he suggests that Halo 3 will not be a “flash in the pan”. From what we have directly observed with BOTH Halo 1 and Halo 2, it can be confidently predicted that Halo3 will continue to have staying power well into 2008. Come on, its the FLAGSHIP 360 title and there is NO evidence to suggest that it will not continue to be so.

    Personally ,I cant wait to have BOTH Mario and Halo3 running on my Next Gen game systems. Add some Metroid Prime 3 and Gears Of War for good measure, and I am in gamers heaven.

  25. Unfortunately, I am not one of those preorders =\ I am waiting on the reviews…and Brawl >_>

  26. wii wii- you misunderstood. I was saying the die hard halo fans are too busy enjoying their games to worry about starting forum flame wars. i wasn’t sayign they aren’t preordering it themselves. i was saying they aren’t concerned with justifying their choice in software to comepnsate for the size of their…. console.

    having clarified…. back to sweet sweet gaming….

  27. Oh, ok . =)

  28. “@Andrew: Is basing estimates for these games on the Halo 2/Mario Sunshine comparison really useful? Galaxy sounds like a large departure from Sunshine, and the market is quite different now than it was with GameCube/XBox.”

    Galaxy does seem like a different kind of game, but I would argue that it would appeal to the Mario fanbase just as much as Sunshine did. Perhaps more, but that would be fortune telling, not data-interpreting.

    I would argue that maybe the shape of the market is different now than it was in 2002, but I’m personally unconvinced that consumer tastes have changed drastically since 2004. If anything, they lean more toward the FPS than ever, with games like Halo, Bioshock, Call of Duty doing huge numbers.

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