Spore confirmed for Wii

Spore225Several small snippets of news filtered out of the Leipzig Games Convention this past week. One of those snippets could alter the way we think gaming. The highly anticipated sim game, Spore, will be developed for the Wii. Spore, a high budget project deals with an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of life through the development of civilization and technology and eventually all the way into the deepest reaches of outer space.

The Wii version was confirmed in a private meeting by Maxis executive, Patrick Buechener. He went on to confirm that Spore will also be developed for the Xbox 360, and PS3 though all three console versions will be launched sometime after the release of the PC and DS versions. This news comes months after the famed Sims creator, Will Wright, expressed great interest in the Wii format. Expect to boot up Spore Q4 of 2008.