Skyward Sword trailer is full of bright, vivid colors


It goes without saying that not everyone will be as pleased with the art style of the new Zelda game as I am, but you cannot deny that it looks extremely unique. The important thing is, it looks like tons of fun!


  1. What’s not to like? It combines the best aspects of the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess art styles. Namely, things look more realistic than WW, but with its vibrant colors (so you don’t feel like you’re looking at everything through a used coffee filter like TP).

  2. The scenarios look awesome, no complaints, but the enemies… maybe too simple… i like “pigs” from WW much more…, let’s see what it has to offer, i dont think zelda is bringing anyone down

  3. the game looks awesome!
    the graphics remind me of super mario galaxy

  4. At first, I wasn’t impressed that much with the graphical style (it looked muddy to me), but after looking at some screenshots, it looks pretty cool. I don’t think the video shows the subtle graphic details as much.

  5. Too plasticish for me. Looks like a cartoon wanna be. Reminds me a lot of the Dragon Ball games… not impressive. The enemies look ridiculously exagerated on proportion Giant midgets if you ask me.